YouTube: in arrivo più pubblicità non skippabile su TV thumbnail

YouTube: Unskippable ads coming to TV

Watch YouTube on TV is about to get more frustrating than ever if you have not subscribed to the Premium service: more ads coming.

Yesterday, during the YouTube Brandcast event, the company announced that it is introducing ads by 30 unskipable seconds to the best-performing contents watched on smart TVs.

How the new YouTube advertising will work on smart TVs

YouTube explained that viewers will see a single 30-second ad instead of two consecutive 15-second announcements. However, that’s not to say that shorter ads will disappear entirely.

30-second ads will be available to advertisers through YouTube Select. The company claims that 70% of YouTube Select views come from TVs, making it the ideal platform for longer ads.

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“More and more viewers are tuning in to YouTube from smart TVs,” he said Neal Mohan, CEO of YouTube.

YouTube: ads even with video paused and stop ad-blockers

But that’s not all: YouTube also announced that it will begin testing advertisements that appear when the viewer pauses a video on their TV. It’s a similar feature to the paused ads feature that Hulu launched a few years ago and that YouTube has rebranded “break experiences”.

Also last week the platform announced that it has put an end to ad-blockers. Let’s talk about those apps that, acting illegally, block ads from the browser. Now, if you use an ad-blocker, the platform will give you a message that reads “Ad blocking is not allowed on YouTube”. The company is therefore enticing users who do not want to watch commercials to subscribe to a Premium subscription.

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