The Pink Panther: Eddie Murphy perhaps the protagonist of the reboot

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The Pink Panther, cult film of the 90s will have a reboot and the protagonist will be Eddie Muprhy: let’s find out the details together

The Pink Panther is a cult comedy saga that ran from the 70s to the 90s to arrive at the millennium, become iconic for so many reasons, from its last protagonist Steve Martin, to its kind of humor that borders on the ridiculous and his column sonorous. In an era of cinema and TV series reboots, therefore, the reboot of this film could not be missing, which apparently is also already in negotiations for its new protagonist.

The Pink Panther: Eddie Murphy perhaps the protagonist of the reboot

The protagonist of the new film could therefore be Eddie Muprhy, a comic actor par excellence who goes well with the general atmosphere of the saga. When we talk about the Pink Panther, we refer to the animated series and eleven films that make up his saga and this latest reboot would therefore be number twelve. To direct Eddie Muprhy in the role of Inspector Jacques Clouseau, there will be Jeff Fowler, director of the recent Sonic film. In the last two reboots the protagonist has been Steve Martin, while the first actor who has played seven films of the original series has been Peter Sellers, who started in 1963.

If the negotiations are successful, we may then review Eddie Murphy on the big screen after he’s been working more behind the scenes in recent years, often as a director. The actor has played some of the most iconic comedy films of the 90s and has also been a voice dubber in the world of animation, such as Donkey from the Shrek saga, where his comedic attitude is clearly felt. We just have to wait for further news on this reboot and above all the official confirmation of his presence in the film as the protagonist.

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