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YouTube Vanced closes for “legal reasons”

Among the many YouTube alternative apps available for Android, YouTube Vanced it was the most widespread. For good reason, it provided some of the premium features for free, still guaranteeing great stability and ease of use. But the developers announced on Sunday that they will close the project, citing “Legal reasons”.

YouTube Vanced closes its doors

The announcement comes via Telegram and from the account Twitter of the project developers: YouTube Vanced will close the project. The group of programmers specified that “In the next few days the download links will be removed from the site. The Discord servers, the Telegram chat and the subreddit will remain for the time being ”.

And they explain to fans of the app that “We know it’s not something you wanted to hear, but it’s something we have to do. We want to thank you for your support over the years “.

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However, the developers have communicated that the apps updated to the latest version will remain usable, and that the decision has been made for “Legal reasons”.

According to reports from The Verge, which reached out to an admin on Discord, it appears that Google has sent one letter of formal notice from using the term YouTube, also asking to change the logo and remove links to all YouTube products.

YouTube Vanced promised to give functionality ‘ADvanced’ but without ‘AD’, advertisements. In fact, it removed the commercials in YouTube videos, as well as allowing the playback of videos in the background and providing different dark modes to users. In addition, it also provided the ad-free YouTube Music app. All without YouTube Premium Membership.

Now all these functions remain only on the official YouTube app with Premium subscription. Although many enthusiasts will probably look for alternatives, hoping to find as good as Vanced.

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