Zalando lancia il suo innovativo camerino virtuale per tutti i suoi clienti thumbnail

Zalando launches its innovative virtual dressing room for all its customers

Zalando is significantly stepping up its efforts in the campagna Size & Fitsizes and fitoffering a virtual fitting room to millions of customers across its markets.

Zalando’s virtual dressing room

Thanks to this feature, customers will now be able to create a 3D avatar by entering their height, weight and gender. For a select range of jeans (22 items), customers can see the fit of different sizes thanks to a heat map that indicates where the item is narrow or wide directly on the created avatar.

Zalando has already carried out two pilot projects with selected clothing from Puma and its private label Anna Field, in which more than 30,000 customers have tried out this innovative technology.

“Our goal with these pilot campaigns is to learn and understand how customers relate to this new technology, so we can develop a scalable, non-disruptive solution for the future. We’ve already seen customer engagement with these campaigns increase, and in fact, around half of customers try on more than one avatar bounty.” Stacia Carr, VP Size and Fit at Zalando.

“We want to support the industry in adopting and implementing 3D digital design software and workflows for fashion production. These processes generate the digital assets needed to scale a virtual trial experience.”

Riccardo Vola, General Manager Italy and Spain of Zalando, says: “I am excited that we are piloting our virtual dressing room in Italy, which allows Italian customers to create a virtual avatar in the Zalando Fashion Store and check the fit of jeans. Helping you find the right fit the first time goes a long way in our ambition to deepen our customer relationships by making shopping on Zalando a more personal and engaging experience. We are curious about customer reactions to this pilot campaign, as this information will allow us to help our Size and Fit team develop a reliable virtual fitting room experience in the future.”

Il team Size & Fit

Zalando is also the only European fashion e-commerce platform to have an in-house size and fit team, which uses a combination of modeling and machine learning, computer vision and other technologies to predict if items are too big or too small.

Zalando’s Size & Fit team is also working on a body measurement feature, which will allow customers to receive personalized recommendations based on their measurements. This feature will be implemented directly starting in the next few months.

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