Zavvi kicks off the Crazy Offers, here are the best!

Let’s see together what are the best “Crazy Offers” on Zavvi, including collectibles, LEGO sets and much more

Zavvi, the well-known store that has been offering items from the nerd world at very competitive prices for years, has just started the event “Crazy Offers“. This is just one of the many opportunities to save on the e-shop, which presents different initiatives every week.

Thanks to the Crazy Offers, you can take yourself home collectible items, steelbook, set LEGO and even official merchandise at affordable prices. Now let’s see in detail the best proposals!

Zavvi kicks off the Crazy Offers, here are the best!

  • Collectibles 3 × € 34.99: by taking advantage of this offer you will get ben 3 nerd items for only € 34.99. Those on this list are not just any objects. In fact, we have Star Wars action figures, Marvel statues, articles on Harry Potter, Hasbro products and much more.
  • Set LEGO in offerta: By accessing this page you will find yourself in front of a lot of discounted LEGO sets. Among the most obvious are certainly the set of Grogu (The Mandalorian), the LEGO Technic of Dominic Toretto’s car (Fast & Furious) and the LEGO Architecture of the White House. However, this page is full of discounts, so you just have to take a look at it.
  • All out on the Steelbooks: if you particularly love a film, you cannot miss these exclusive Steelbooks. With their unique design, these metallic packs will enrich your movie collection!
  • T-Shirt 3×27,00€: Zavvi offers 3 t-shirts with fantastic prints on timeless cinema cult, at a price of only € 27.00, so less than € 10.00 each.

These were the main Crazy Offers on the store, but there are really many others. For a general look, you can follow this link. To stay up to date on the world of collecting, gaming and much more, continue to follow the pages of!

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