Zebra T. introduces its first Wi-Fi 6 mobile computer

Zebra Technologies introduces its first TC52ax mobile computer with WorkStation Connect for a truly complete desktop experience

Zebra Technologies Corporation, an innovator at the forefront of solutions and partners that enable businesses to gain a performance advantage, announces the new mobile computer TC52ax compatible with the standard Wi-Fi 6 and equipped with the innovative Workstation Connect software solution that allows you to convert Zebra mobile devices into real mobile workstations.

With this solution, Zebra wants to help improve workflow efficiency and streamline processes, as well as optimizing the return on investment in the retail, production and logistics sectors. The words of the company;

The Zebra TC52ax mobile computer with WorkStation Connect delivers a truly complete desktop experience, offering enhanced wireless connectivity and increased productivity

Zebra T. introduces its first Wi-Fi 6 mobile computer

Zebra T. introduces its first Wi-Fi 6 mobile computer

The mobile computer TC52ax of Zebra is presented as an ideal solution to monitor costs and view items, inventory and control movements, as well as to reduce checkout lines, for example, or manage merchandising and “buy online pick up in store” applications “(BOPIS) and” buy online, pick up at curbside “(BOPAC).

Thanks to the Wi-Fi 6 technology that TC52ax supports, manufacturing companies can now increase bandwidth and throughput, enabling higher throughput speeds and enabling faster response times, even when multiple devices are used on the same network.

Zebra T. introduces its first Wi-Fi 6 mobile computer Zebra T. introduces its first Wi-Fi 6 mobile computer

This solution also offers advanced scanning options using IntelliFocus to allow workers (thanks to the wide reading range) to easily acquire barcodes from items placed on the most distant shelves, but also on those close together, simultaneously increasing productivity. In addition, TC52ax is the first mobile Zebra’s enterprise-class computer based on Android 11, therefore equipped with the functionality Device Tracker. This beaconing technology allows companies to track and find a lost device even when it is turned off or has a low battery.

Last but not least, TC52ax is Zebra’s first compatible mobile computer Zebra Workstation Connect. This software converts Zebra mobile computers and tablets into mobile workstations on demand, allowing operators to run applications on a large screen directly from their mobile devices and seamlessly connect to external monitors, handheld scanners, printers and keyboards.

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