ZEISS unveils the new PhotoFusion X lenses

ZEISS presenta le nuove lenti PhotoFusion X per la massima protezione thumbnail

In view of the summer, ZEISS presented the new PhotoFusion X photochromic lenses. It is a completely redesigned product with the aim of offering superior performance in all conditions of use. At the base of the new ZEISS PhotoFusion X lenses, in fact, there is an innovative technology that aims to fully satisfy the needs of users. Here are the features of the new lenses:

ZEISS smile and PhotoFusion X lens

The new technology used by ZEISS for PhotoFusion X lenses guarantees one higher lightening speed compared to previous solutions when the user returns to a closed environment. The improvement is clear and visible to the naked eye, guaranteeing performance clearly superior to the user.

It should also be noted that ZEISS lenses guarantee a high also protection from blue light. Compared to a traditional photochromic lens, in fact, the company confirms that the new lenses are able to offer un 30% more protection. Note that one is also available complete protection even from harmful UV rayslike a sun lens.

Many solutions to choose from

The new ZEISS PhotoFusion X lenses are available in 5 different basic colors: Gray, Extra Gray, Brown, Pioneer and Blue. Note that the company offers a wide range of color and mirror combinations. In total, for users there are up to 25 different combinations.

For all the details relating to the new proposals of the company, it is possible to consult the ZEISS official website.

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