Fall Guys: Big announcement scheduled for tomorrow

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Anyone who is a fan of Fall Guys, a Mediatonic title, must mark the day tomorrow on the calendar because it looks like there will be a big announcement

Nowadays, or in 2022, Fall Guys it may not be as popular as it was a few months ago, but there is no doubt that it still retains a certain slice of fans. Well, for anyone who adores Mediatonic’s title, there’s good news seeing that A big announcement has been scheduled for tomorrow. But let’s understand the situation a little better!

Fall Guys: where you can see the announcement

The mysterious, and great, announcement related to Fall Guys this will be revealed to the whole world Monday 16 May at five in the afternoon Italian time. It should also be remembered that it was the same official Twitter account of the game, which we leave you below, to declare that on that date we will discover the “big announcement”.

It will therefore be possible to see on a great breadth of channels ranging from “classics” YouTube e Twitch until you get to Twitter e TikTok therefore we can say that we are faced with an announcement that should not be taken lightly given the various social networks involved.

Obviously there was no lack of fan theories of the title in question, as well as of the gaming world in general, such as the versions of the game for Xbox e Nintendo Switchthe possibility of it becoming a free to play despite the improbability of this event, i additional content and so much more. To find out what it is it will be necessary to have a little more patience.

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