Zelensky conquista Twitter: l'eroe buono che fa dimenticare Trump thumbnail

Zelensky conquers Twitter: the good hero who makes Trump forget

Of Volodymyr Zelensky Many positive things have been written about the handling of the Russian invasion. Today, however, we want to add another merit to the Ukrainian President, namely that of having revived Twitter. Yes, you read that right. Those who frequent the platform on a daily basis know that it has been since Donald Trump’s time that users haven’t “chirped” news that often. Now, however, thanks to Zelensky Twitter has returned to being an App populated by journalists, curious people and industry experts. And even in a better way than what happened with the former President of the United States. So let’s find out what’s happening on the social platform in the last few weeks.

Zelensky: Ukrainian President depopulated on Twitter

It’s official: Volodymyr Zelensky is the new one Twitter hero. In fact, in the weeks of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian President’s account has exceeded 5 and a half million followers. A good part, probably, could have signed up to the platform recently, just to follow the updates shared on their profile. On the other hand, in collaboration with the Minister for Digital Transformation Mychajlo FedorovZelensky chose Twitter as his main communication channel. A tool with which to communicate not only with its citizens, but also with users from all over the world. A targeted choice, it is clear. After all, before the start of the conflict the President and many of his officials did not have such an important presence on the social network.

The war, however, seems to have changed everything. Including Zelensky’s presence on Twitter, who has come back to life after a prolonged hiatus. Come to think of it, in fact, it was since Donald Trump’s time that the platform was not at the center of daily information. But unlike the former President of the United States – who earned a social ban -, Zelensky knows how to conquer the public with “genuine” and transparent information. At the same time, however, also Vladimir Putin’s account has seen significant growth in the past few weeks. But there is a precision: to grow by 56% is the account of the President who shares the news of the Kremlin in English. In this sense, it is quite evident that this is not an appreciation for Putin himself, but rather the need to stay up to date on what is happening in Russia.

Meanwhile, the accounts of other European political leaders are also growing, confirming the fact that Twitter is the App chosen for real-time updates on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. A choice that is very beneficial to the platform, which has experienced a very dark moment of its existence recently. Still, the marriage Zelensky-Twitter seems to have moved users, making them reappassionate to the independent information social network. Thinking about it now, Trump is just a distant memory. And we are happy enough that he remains so.

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