Samsung BESPOKE Jet: here is the rechargeable electric broom

Matteo De Filippi

Samsung has announced the arrival of BESPOKE Jet, the new rechargeable electric broom that combines design, performance and hygiene in one hand

Never like this year Samsung is trying to innovate and renew the electronic and technological market. The Seoul company is always working to make the experience of its users better and unique. About a month after the announcement of the new one Jet Bot Ai+Samsung returns bursting with the one related to the new one BESPOKE Jet. Following the example of the various robot vacuum cleaners, the company came up with one All-in-one con Clean Station. Let’s go and see it in more detail.

Here is the new Samsung BESPOKE Jet

As mentioned, this new little gem from Samsung is equipped with Clean Station. Thanks to the latter it will be possible automatically empty the broom tank, avoiding contact with dust and reducing the emission of impurities into the air. However, its features certainly don’t end there. The Clean Station will in fact also have one function of support and charging baseallowing us to have our broom always ready for use.

A 360 ° innovation and design that continue the Home Appliance customization path carried out by Samsung. BESPOKE Jet is in fact part of the BESPOKE range of the Brand, characterized by innovative colors and fine finishes, capable of giving a touch of style to any domestic space. The broom is available in three trendy colors – Midnight Blue, Misty White and Woody Green – designed to integrate elegantly into any home environment.

Daniele Grassi, Vice President Home Appliances Samsung Electronics Italiastated the following:

We know that cleanliness and hygiene have become a primary need for consumers, together with the desire for solutions tailored to their lifestyle; this is why we have created a product that combines extraordinary cleaning performance with an elegant, ultra-light and ergonomic design. Samsung BESPOKE Jet not only guarantees impeccable floors by avoiding the dispersion of impurities in the air, but with its unique design it is able to enrich any room in the house.

Samsung BESPOKE Jet: here is the rechargeable electric broom

The new cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 5-level filter system which retains up to 99.999% of dust and allergens, returning clean air. All components and filters are washable and can therefore be cleaned and sanitized. It has an engine Digital Inverter which releases up to 210 W of suction power and weighs 47% less than that mounted on the Jet 90. The body weighs only 1.44 kgto be handled easily, to vacuum without difficulty from above the wall units to under the furniture, up to the shutters and stairs.

With an endowment of 2 long-lasting batteries, guarantees up to 120 minutes of cleaning. After an hour of operation, a gesture will be enough to replace the battery with the spare one. The two batteries can also be recharged at the same time thanks to the second charging station of the practical accessory holder. For thorough cleaning of floors, BESPOKE Jet comes with a new model of scrubbing brush, which allows you to wash or polish hard surfaces. You can choose whether to use the microfiber cloths together with the spray function – the water is sprayed from the front of the brush – or the humidified and scented disposable cloths for faster cleaning.

In support of everything we find a display digitale LCD which provides all the necessary information: suction power level (MIN, MED, MAX, JET), residual battery autonomy, indications of any critical issues such as clogging, objects stuck in the brush or missing filters, and guide to solving the problem. The broom will be available in Italy from 1st Aprilbut it is already possible pre-order it on the official website. In order not to miss future news regarding the electronic and technological universe, continue to follow the pages of!

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