Zero Calcare on Netflix: the poster of the new series

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This world won’t make me bad, Zero Calcare’s new Netflix series is coming, let’s discover the new poster together

This world won’t make me bad, the new Zero Limestone series is highly anticipated for Netflix subscribers, especially after the success of Tear Along the Edges, the cartoonist’s first animated series. If his graphic novels are already much loved and read and his comic strips published online go viral in a short time, entering the serial world with animation projects, Zero Calcare has surpassed itself by confirming its talent.

Zero Calcare on Netflix: the poster of the new series

Zero Calcare on Netflix: the poster of the new series

The series will be released on Netflix on June 9, 2023 and in this expectation the official poster has been released, complete with a confirmed release date. A poster that appears truly exciting, because it brings together all the characters from the imagination of Zero Calcare, from his friends Secco and Sarah, to new characters, up to the ever-present Armadillo. The Armadillo in the stories of Zero Limestone represents his conscience and has literally bewitched the audience for how he was dubbed by Valerio Mastrandrea on the small screen.

Zero Calcare on Netflix: the trailer of the new series

The episodes of this new series will be six lasting about thirty minutes, with a title that is very dear to the cartoonist because it represents a mantra that is often repeated in the mind. We don’t know the details of the plot yet, but we don’t want to know them, given that the strength of Zero Calcare lies precisely in leading the reader and here the spectator in his vision of the universe which, however personal, knows how to tell the world well.

So we just have to wait for the new series and hope that it excites and amuses us just like the first series Tear along the edges did.

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