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Zero Motorcycles collaborates with Huge Design on the creation of the SR-X

With this extraordinary one-off model, built on the basis of the SR/S, the two companies, Zero Motorcycles and Huge Design anticipate future scenarios in the electric sports bike segment

With this extraordinary one-off model, built on the basis of the SR/S, the two companies anticipate future scenarios in the electric sports motorcycle segment. Santa Cruz, California (February 21, 2023) – Zero Motorcycles, undisputed leader in the motorcycle and electric propulsion segmenthas unveiled the first images of the SR-X, a one-of-a-kind and fully customized re-imagining of the SR/S model.

The SR-X was made in collaboration with Bill Webb’s famous San Francisco studio HUGE DESIGN and represents the latest creation in the “Design the Future” development program by Zero Motorcycles; a creative hub that over the years has been able to produce some of the most innovative electric motorcycles in the world. This program brings together some of the motorcycle industry’s most talented designers and engineers and aims to push the aesthetic boundaries in the world of electric motorcycles.

Zero Motorcycles, Huge Design and SR-X: the words of the protagonists

Bill Web has always played a key role in building Zero Motorcycles’ vision for the future. He was responsible for the design of the popular FXE and of the model that preceded it in terms of concept, the Zero SM. The SR-X is the emblem of both his visionary spirit and Zero’s constant commitment to research and innovation. This concept of semi-faired motorcycle boasts both performance and style and is proof of the undisputed leadership of Zero Motorcycles in the electric sector, which said:

The SR-X concept bike aims to become the reference model for electric motorcycle design in the near future, combining smooth and rigorous lines with the decisive appearance and purely performance details typical of modern super sports bikes. The SR-X’s clean, rigorous and functional design approach has been matched with aggressive proportions and technical components usually found in traditional race bikes.

We wanted sport bikers to appreciate the harmonious design of this concept: a model with a modern, futuristic and minimal look, which does not, however, sacrifice the charm of the mechanics and the stylistic purity of the superbikes. The work team wanted to create a low and decisive profile, leaning towards the front with the fairing parts acting as an unconventional link between the completely exposed mechanics and the rear of the bike

Zero Motorcycles collaborates with Huge Design on the creation of the SR-X

Also Brian WismannVP of Product Development at Zero Motorcycles, praised the design of the SR-X:

When Bill first presented his Mono-Racr design digitally several years ago, I knew immediately that a design language based on simple, clean shapes would be perfect for an electric motorcycle. It’s exciting that the SR-X Concept has succeeded in realizing Bill’s vision of a platform for our sportbikes.

Powered by Zero’s advanced ZF75-10 electric motor and the latest ZF17.3 lithium batterythe SR-X represents a bold vision for the future of motorcycles. Zero Motorcycles has always been guided by a great love for design and technology; there SR-X represents the perfect expression of this passion. Zero Motorcycles is convinced that this new concept will inspire the two-wheeler industry, further pushing the boundaries of motorcycle style.

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