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Zerocalcare: the title of the new series on Netflix from 2023

Zerocalcare and Netflix continue their collaboration by announcing the new and highly anticipated series which will be available from 2023

After the great success of Tear along the edges, the first animated TV series by the cartoonist Zerocalcare, the collaboration with Netflix continues with the production of a new TV series.

The public expected it, because the first series, released exactly one year ago, was really a successful experimentItalian serial product already in the excellence of the last few years which also involved those who did not know the Roman cartoonist and his works.

Zerocalcare: the title of the new series and when to see it

Netflix publishes the original plates of the new Zerocalcare series and announces the title that will be This world won’t make me bad and will be available from 2023. Still a bit of a wait then, but at least we can preview the original tables that give us the news directly, as is the style of Zerocalcare.

Zerocalcare: the title of the new series on Netflix from 2023

The tables also respond to some doubts that have been circulating for months now, that is, it is a new series, not a second season of Tear along the edges and we are therefore faced with a totally new and original project. The series will be composed of 6 episodes lasting thirty minutes and already from the title we realize that we will find ourselves inside the most typical themes of the author. The title is a mantra that the author often repeats when he finds himself without an escape route in life and therefore makes us think that this series too will go deep into themes and emotions, as is the case with graphic novels.

Zerocalcare: the title of the new series on Netflix from 2023

Netflix in the official press release also adds that this series will see the return of some characters and above all din the Armadillo which will once again be voiced by Valerio Mastrandreawho had done a really good job in the previous series.

We just have to wait for the official release date of This world won’t make me bad and in the meantime enjoy the comic that Zerocalcare has published via Netflix to announce the title.

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