ZF implementa la tecnologia per le auto elettriche: presentata al CES 2023 thumbnail

ZF implements technology for electric cars: presented at CES 2023

ZF implements technology for electric cars: presented at CES 2023 thumbnail

On the occasion of CES 2023the global technology company ZF Group announces major progress in the implementation of revolutionary technologies. These make it possible to fulfill the promise of his strategy Next Generation Mobility NOW. ZF provides technologies that contribute to sustainable mobility and decarbonise the globe.

ZF at CES 2023: the ProAI computer

The new edition multi-domain from the computer ProAI high performance means that a device can support ADAS functions on separate boards. They are based on domains, infotainment or chassis functions, including system-on-chip configurations from various vendors.

It is also capable of hosting several operating systems in parallel, for example QNX for functions ADAS e Android Auto for infotainment. Another important advantage is that software stacks already developed and implemented on specific microprocessors can be ported in a multi-domain structure.

To accommodate this, ZF has increased the computing power to reach 1,500 TOPS. It has adapted a 50% increase over the previous high-end version. In parallel, the new multi-domain edition of ZF ProAI offers extremely good energy efficiency of 5 TOPS per watt.

ZF at CES 2023: the Heat Belt heating belt

ZF it rings

Another world premiere of ZF at CES 2023 is the Heat Belt heating belt. An idea to contribute to energy reduction used to heat the passenger compartment of cars. This contact device heats the front of the body through braided cables inside the webbing structure, reaching the maximum surface temperature of 40°C with only 70 watts of energy.

New generation of shuttles for the US market

As the leader of ATS ecosystems, ZF has signed an agreement with the US mobility service provider Beep to develop and distribute autonomous transport services Level 4 for customer projects in the United States.

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