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Zity by Mobilize, 100% electric car sharing arrives in Milan

From today 23 June arrives at Milano Zity by Mobilizethe new offering of car sharing free floting al 100% electric. They arrive in the Milanese city 450 Dacia Spring electric, which you can withdraw via the app. And even 6,000 Milanese have already pre-registered to travel in green mode from the first minute.

Zity by Mobilize brings 100% electric car sharing to Milan

During the launch press conference, the General Manager Thiago Figueira told us about the pride of presenting this new solution in Milan. But the Lombard capital is the fourth city he arrives in Zity by Mobilize, which has a short but very intense history of success. In fact the company debuted in 2017 a Madridwhere it boasts 800 vehicles in circulation but even over 500,000 users. A Paris instead it arrives in 2020 with 500 vehicles, driven by about 62,000 Parisians. Only in March the launch a Lyon with 125 cars. And now, Italy.

In a short interview on the sidelines of the event, Figueira explains that Milan is the perfect city to launch a car sharing service. According to an independent request commissioned by Zity, over 340,000 employees declare that they are active users of sharing services, with over 79% of respondents saying they are concerned about the environment. So much so that 6,000 people have already pre-registered their account to travel zero emissions with Zity. And Figueira explains to us that the ambitious goal is to also involve 80-100 thousand before the end of the year.

A simple and growing service

Born from a joint venture between the infrastructure operator Ferrovial e MobilizeRenault Group’s mobility company, at the moment Zity activated 1,875 electric vehicles. Over 560,000 people have traveled more than 17 million kilometers in the last year, with one and a half million rentals. And above all, 1,880 tons of CO2 saved. How to remove 1,550 personal cars from circulation.

Winning key of his service be “free-floting”. It means that users can locate and rent 100% electric vehicles at any hour of every day, from anywhere within the service area. Un area within Milan of 112 square kilometers. And with the Stand By mode you can also halve the price per minute by keeping the rental out of the service area.

In Milan there will be 450 Dacia Springa city car four seats 100% electric. Compact, essential, robust. With an autonomy in the WLTP City cycle of 305 kilometers. And many conveniences such as connectivity with Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

How Zity by Mobilize’s all-electric car sharing works in Milan

You can download the Zity app on the App Store and Google Play.

To complete your account, you must provide some identifying information (e-mail, telephone number). Also you have to upload a selfie and photos of your own document of identity and driving license.

Once registration is complete, just open the app and look for a Zity car on the Milan map. You should a vehicle within 10 minutes on foot, although Figueira explains to us that close to public transport (for example train stations) you will find even more. You can also book them for up to 20 minutes.

Once the rental has started, you can drive anywhere, even outside the service area. With the mode ‘Stand By’ you can suspend the rental by reducing the price per minute. The interesting thing is that you never pay subscriptions or fixed costs.

To conclude the rental you can leave the cars in any street parking available within the service area.

The team operations of Zity takes care of the maintenance, cleaning and recharging of cars. Figueira explains that a team of vans equipped with rapid batteries goes around the city to recharge the cars very quickly. Also, the vehicles will be sanitized before you get on them. Simple and affordable.

What are the rates of Zity by Mobilize in Milan?

On the occasion of the launch, from today until October 31styou can travel to only 0.23 euros per minutewhile the tariff Stand By Mode costa 0,12 euro per minute. After the promotion period, cwill cost 0.29 euros per minute (0,15 lo Stand By).

But there are also tariffs Flat: 29 euros for 4 hours, 39 euros for 8 hours, 49 euros for 24, 79 euros for 48 and finally 99 euros for 72 hours. The interesting thing is, yes apply the cheapest rate directly, without having to choose it in advance. So if you are paying the rate per minute and exceed 29 euros, the four-hour flat rate is automatically activated (with savings of up to two hours).

There are also other promotions such as:

  • I Zity Bundle packages: by purchasing a € 100 package, the user receives € 130 credit. With the balance to be used within 18 months in all cities where Zity is active.
  • The first 5,000 users to complete the registration in the city of Milan received a € 50 bonus
  • All new users benefit from a € 10 bonus.
  • Bonus 4 friends: Zity users can get extra credit by inviting their friends via the app: € 10 credit per person.

In addition, users who start a rental with Zity are covered by a policy complete with deductible. The deductible can be reduced to € 250 in each rental by paying a small fee of only € 2.49.

The future of mobility arrives in Italy

Javier Mateos, CEO of Zity and general manager of Zity Spain, explained that since its launch five years ago, Zity has always been based on four pillars. First of all the sustainability, with 1880 tons of CO2 saved. But also the safety of the driver, with intelligent active and passive measures to reduce the risks on the car. Also it internal development of the app, with algorithms to optimize routes and make the service more efficient, is a significant advantage over many competitors. Finally there is the economic factor: no initial cost for the customermaximum flexibility.

With Clotilde Delbos, deputy CEO of Renault group and CEO of Mobilize, explains that they are working to continue joint development and improve themselves. Last year they introduced the Dacia Spring, which they have the option of offer comfortable and connected journeyswhile containing operating costs.

But Zity and Mobilize are working to develop cars that put car sharing at the center. For example they will be two seats, given that on average sharing cars see 1.2 users per trip. And then easier to clean and repair, with the 95% of the materials are recyclable. Even simpler, more efficient and green.

In an interview on the sidelines, Figueira further explained to us that the future will not only have smarter cars, but also better services. For example they are launching a partnership in France with FreeNOWand does not exclude that other service aggregators may establish relationships with Zity in the near future (even with public transport directly).

Also, the manager explains to us that Zity is watching with interest also in Rome, capital of electric mobility of the last kilometer (e-biki, scooters). But that certainly remains interesting for a car sharing reality.

If you are looking for more information, you can find it on the Zity website. But the best way to get to know the service is to sign up for the app and drive 100% electric for Milan.

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