Zmorph i500: high performance 3D printer

The new Zmorph i500 allows a high print volume at an attractive quality-price ratio, increasing yield and productivity

Zmorph has released the new Zmorph i500 designed for the production of small batches at low cost, the creation of custom tools and rapid prototyping. Reliable and powerful, the large-volume 3D printer is ideal for builders, engineers and other specific professions, while also being the perfect complement to a variety of industries including automotive, manufacturing, R&D, aerospace and defense.

Zmorph i500: high performance 3D printer

Zmorph i500: large print volumes to maximize productivity

Zmorph i500 is characterized by a large print volume of 500 x 460 x 300 mm, which allows it to print multiple parts at once or to create large models thus maximizing the productivity of the company. The dual dual drive extruder with nozzle lift system works with various sensors to provide repeatable and high quality results.

Interfaccia user-friendly

Zmorph i500 is simple to use: from the ergonomic touch panel with user-friendly user interface to the Filament Flow System, the operator just needs to start the project and wait for the results while the machine’s sensors monitor if the material is flowing smoothly and if there are any obstacles. For maximize uptime and productivity, Zmorph i500 features a distributed control system that offers easy access to each subgroup and at the same time maximizes machine uptime.

Safety first with the new Zmorph i500

All aspects of product safety have been taken into consideration in the development of the new Zmorph i500. Features such as electric door lock that prevents unauthorized access while working orAir Flow System which filters the air coming out of the machine from fumes and particles and even the removable Wi-Fi module, make the i500 ready to work in an industrial environment without additional safety measures. Marek Kłos, Vice President and CSO of Zmorph:

Zmorph has been present in the Additive Manufacturing market since 2013. We took this time to gain experience and R&D skills to enter the professional market. Last year, despite the covid, we performed a complete rebranding of the company and released a new all-in-one machine – Zmorph Fab. Thanks to the Zmorph i500, we are ready to compete with the market leaders of the professional segment. The Zmorph i500 is a modern, large format, easy to use and maintain 3D printer that has been designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding users in the industry. i500 has been carefully developed with the valuable suggestions and opinions of our customers and distributor network. It is built like a tank: an innovative and practical “hammer” designed for effectiveness and 24/7 operation at a very competitive cost.

The Polish manufacturer develops multifunctional 3D printers and in December 2020 the Zmorph Fab was introduced. The company underwent a rebranding last year for focus more on the industrial market and to concretize the research in a professional 3D printer performance that debuts today. Zmorph i500 is the result of careful planning and thorough research. It answers the most common problems that the industry is facing and presents numerous practical solutions at an affordable cost. The Zmorph i500 high performance 3D printer is available now for 7499 dollars or 6399 euros directly from the manufacturer or through its worldwide network of resellers.

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