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Zodiac presents the revolutionary Free Rider

Zodiac, the renowned brand specializing in the development and design of swimming pool equipment, announces the launch of Free Rider, the first cordless cleaning robot

This innovative device offers quick and precise cleaning, operating in total autonomy.

Zodiac presents the revolutionary Free Rider

Powerful and autonomous pool cleaner robot

The main advantage of Free Rider resides in his exceptional ease of use: it does not require a socket in the immediate vicinity of the pool or an extension lead for its operation.

Thanks to that, it will no longer be necessary to constantly monitor the path of the robot to prevent the cord from tangling or snagging on garden furniture or other equipment around the pool.

A concentration of technology at the service of freedom, Free Rider it can move easily inside tanks up to 12 x 6 meters in sizeregardless of their shape and type of coating.

This powerful robot, endowed with great agility and autonomy, is able to effectively, intelligently and autonomously clean the bottom, the walls and the water line. The innovative designer product Zodiac presents a cyclonic suction system patented and highly powerful, helical brushes and a dual level progressive filtration system (150μ + 60μ) which captures all types of dirt residue, regardless of its size.

Thanks to the integrated sensors and the exclusive design, Free Rider optimize your movements inside the tub, ensuring a efficient cleaning.

The robot is powered by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, which guarantees a complete cleaning cycle of the duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes, fully recharging in just 4 hours.

The application iAquaLinkfurthermore, it further increases the technological level of the robot, allowing users to immediately view the battery charge status, access end-of-cycle notifications and update the device remotely via smartphone or tablet.

With Free Rider, Zodiac continues to demonstrate its commitment to offering innovative solutions for ssimplify pool maintenance and allow users to fully enjoy their aquatic experience.

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