Zombie Cure Lab conferma il periodo di rilascio in Early Access su Steam thumbnail

Zombie Cure Lab confirms the release period in Early Access on Steam

Zombie Cure Labthe lab builder for the treatment of the undead, begins the experiments to save humanity on Steam Early Access for PC in the Q3 of 2022. Let’s find out all the details and the official gameplay trailer together.

Zombie Cure Lab confirms the release period in Early Access on Steam

After years of hiding underground, the last ones humans left are now ready to reverse the zombie apocalypse. With the cure for the undead within reach, return to the surface and guide a handpiece of brave scientists in their mission to save the world.

We start by using the natural resources of woods e montagne to give the human species a place to eat and sleep. Once the basic need, the work of safeguarding the world can begin. Build robust walls e defenses to get through the night. Open a laboratory and start your searches for sci-fi technology: immobilizing rays, barriers and much more.

Thanks to these items you can finally heal zombies. Also, every zombie healed increases the workforce of your people and expands the operation, setting back the clock of annihilation. Get organized day and night shifts for your human-zombie hybrids, the Humbies. Don’t forget to keep them productive and happy.

But beware of these hybrids because Humbies, like humans they aspire to be, are a coiled creature. Take care of them and prevent them from reverting to their atavistic cannibalistic instincts right inside the walls of your base.

To conclude we remind you that Zombie Cure Lab will be available via Steam Early Access for PC by the end of 2022 with language support in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese (pinyin). For further information you can consult the official Steam page of the title.

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