Apple punta sullo sport in diretta: offerta miliardaria per le partite della NFL thumbnail

Apple bets on live sports: billionaire offer for the NFL

Apple bets on live sports: billionaire offer for NFL games thumbnail

Apple will continue to invest in live sports with the possible purchase of NFL match rights. According to some rumors, the Cupertino house could invest approx $ 3 billion a year to ensure the broadcasting of the matches of the American football league, sports of absolute reference in the USA. In the future, moreover, Apple would aim to further enrich its catalog of events by adding the European Champions League in football, a sport increasingly followed in North America.

Apple focuses on sport: first the NFL and then the UEFA Champions League (to be broadcast in the USA)

After starting the broadcast of the baseball league games MLB (with not a few technical problems), Apple is also targeting American football with an offer from $ 3 billion a year for NFL rights. The Cupertino house aims to become an absolute reference for American sportsmen, securing the rights of many sporting events to be broadcast exclusively.

In the near future, Apple could also submit a $ 2.5 billion offer for 6 years of rights to the Champions League della UEFA to be broadcast in North America. Investments in sport will be numerous and confirm Apple’s desire to increasingly become a reference for the transmission of live events.

We will see what will be the final choice of the Cupertino company.

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