Zuckerberg shows three prototypes of metaverse viewers

Zuckerberg mostra tre prototipi di visori per il metaverso thumbnail

Before the end of the year Meta will officially launch its first headset for mixed reality, but in the meantime Mark Zuckerberg he unveiled three prototypes of metaverse viewers. Built by Reality Labspromise to “forever change the way we relate to each other”.

Zuckerberg shows three prototypes of metaverse viewers

As he has accustomed us by now, Mark Zuckerberg returns to show us news for the metaverse from his Facebook profile. After changing the name of his company to Meta, it seems evident that the Facebook co-founder believe in this mixed reality. So much so that he thinks that “The metaverse will forever change the way we relate to each other”.

But they are not just words: Zuckerberg also shows three prototypes of headsets developed by reality Labs. The first, codenamed Butterscotchallows you to see in virtual reality with a vision equal to ten tenths of the oculistich tablesAnd. Promising great visual quality in the metaverse.

Holocake 2 turns out to be “the thinnest and lightest headset we have ever made and compatible with all existing computer games”. But it requires the use of specialized lasers, which are still too thick and expensive to be integrated into a mass-market accessory. But the engineers at Reality Labs are working for remedy.

In the end Mirror Lakewhich are reminiscent of a pair of ski goggles and integrates Holocake 2 technology and all the software innovations the company has been working on for some time.

Zuckerberg then introduced us to the concept of “ Turing visual test“. A visual test to understand if what is displayed in virtual reality is distinguishable from the real world. In short: Meta wants the metaverse to be visually indistinguishable from the real world, for total immersion.

“We are taking an important step towards realism and creativity. I am convinced that if we continue to make progress, we will arrive at a future in which information technology will increasingly focus on people and the way they want to experience the world ”.

Meta will launch its own viewer (Project Cambria) for mixed reality by the end of the year. But it looks like the engineers at Reality Labs are already thinking about the next ten years. We will keep you updated about it.

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