Zuckerberg svela il visore Project Cambria VR thumbnail

Zuckerberg unveils the Project Cambria VR headset

Zuckerberg unveils Project Cambria VR thumbnail viewer

Latest news from Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, in these hours, the CEO of Meta shared a short demonstration video that shows some of the features of the future high-end viewer Project Cambria VR. While Zuckerberg hides the design of the device, he still manages to show its ability to perform high resolution color passthrough, so as to better interact with virtual objects superimposed on real life environments. But let’s find out something more.

Project Cambria VR: Zuckerberg previews the Meta viewer

Mark Zuckerberg shows for the first time the Project Cambria VR headset, which it seems it will be equipped with high resolution image sensors to make the real world experience better. In a video posted on his profile, the CEO of Meta is seen struggling with the new device under development, but without showing its appearance at all. After all, we know practically no details of the viewer, not even as regards the hardware. Although Janko Roettgers of Protocol has had the opportunity to try it, and has explicitly stated that the video quality of the viewer’s sensors is not exactly photorealistic, but rather similar to that of “decent quality home videos”.

Project Cambria VR

In response, Zuckerberg defended the qualities of the new Project Cambria VR. And he clearly stated that the viewer’s sensors have been improved to better distinguish real-world objects, so as to facilitate the positioning of virtual ones. Apparently, both Zuckerberg and Roettgers tried the demo “The World Beyond“, Which Meta will release soon in the App Lab for developers. After all, this is just one of the many virtual reality headsets that Meta plans to launch in the coming years. And this means that Mr. Zuckerberg could introduce us to other news soon, who knows.

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