1Control: launch the DORY smart lock

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From the street to the house without keys: 1Control launches the DORY smart lock, the only one with key and long-lasting batteries

Open all doors, without using the keys even once, but only with a quick touch of the your smartphone. And from today, it will be possible to finally do it in full modefrom the road to the entrance of your home, without any thought. This is the promise of 1Controlcompany based in Brescia specializing in producing products that make smart any access system.

After the electronic gate openersanother step is added that completes the whole experience of arriving home in a way intelligent thanks to DORYa real Revolution in the world of electronic locks.

The only one on the market that allows you to enter with either smartphone that with keywhich guarantees a battery life up to one yearin fact, frees its use from the need for frequent battery replacements, which for this very reason often lead users not to fully enjoy the wide advantages of a system of this type.

1Control: launch the DORY smart lock

The words of Francesco Sarasini affirms

Francesco SarasiniCEO of 1Control, says:

The undoubted convenience of not having to use remote controls to open the gate of your home already greatly facilitates that moment of the day when you return home. You are tired and the only thought is to finally cross the door of your home and enjoy the well-deserved relaxation. Yet, we realized that the last step was missing to make the experience truly complete: making even the door of your home smart, and for this we created DORY. Facing the path from the street to your apartment must be easy and immediate: entering the house through a simple gesture that is part of our daily life. Just think of how many times in a day we use our smartphone.

DORY: the lock that is easily installed

The smart lock Dory, allows you to manage the opening of doors and small doors of your home or office from the comfort of your smartphonewithout renouncing, if desired, the traditional key, in totally silent way, without clicks or annoying noises, also eliminating the problem of batteries that run out very quickly. In fact, DORY is the first smart lock with batteries that last up to one year, as opposed to traditional models that require very frequent recharges or replacements, typically every 2 months.

1Control: launch the DORY smart lock

To use DORY it is not necessary to change the port

It is not needed change the door, add wires or even replace it. The lock, in fact, it is compatible with all models (also armored) that mount the standard European cylinder and has different lengths available to adapt to each type. DORY also lends itself to a do it yourself assembly, thanks to a simple wizard that illustrates each step. Once the device is applied, it is possible download the app which will be used to allow, manage and monitor access.

After configuration, it is also possible share the PIN with anyone you want to allow a unlimited access or bind it temporallywith the possibility of changing at any time by setting start and end date, days of the week e hours of the day. The app, which it does not need WI-FI but it simply uses the Bluetooth making it also suitable for underground floors where the data connection is more difficult, it keeps track of all the openings made: by selecting a date, in fact, you can check who has logged in.

For those who own multiple 1Control products, such asgate opener ONLY, it also allows you to manage all devices from a single App with a simple click. The system also offers the possibility of connecting products all’Hub Smarthome Wi-Fi 1Control LINKthus enabling remote openings and with voice commands.

1Control: launch the DORY smart lock

Electronic and mechanical safety in a discreet and silent product

One of the advantages of DORY is that it is not a bulky opening system, but with its minimal and discreet design it adapts to any type of door also from an aesthetic point of view, not letting it shine through in any way that it is an electronic lock. .

Furthermore, it does not mean totally abandoning the use of the traditional key, which can still be used by those who do not have a smartphone, or if its battery is low, at any time. Its security is given by a double row system of mechanical pins which guarantees a very high number of possible combinations, and can only be duplicated by means of a secret code written on a personal card.

Even from the point of view of the app, it is protected by the most advanced encryption algorithms in the world, keeping users safe from any attempt to breach the system.

The crowdfunding campaign

1Control started a crowdfunding campaign on May 26, 2022, su MamaCrowdthe most important Italian platform for investments of this type, aimed at making money the experience of arriving home even more pleasant and smartthrough the creation of innovative, highly technological and easy-to-install IoT products.

The campaign aims to raise capital to help pursue the ambitious targets set for 2025including achieving a turnover of +13 million eurosthe overcoming of 400,000 products soldobtaining the point of breakeven in 2023 and an EBITDA of +2 million euros. Furthermore, 1Control aims to increase the number of partnerships with leading companies in various sectors.

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