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939 Panda cars at Pandino 2022: the largest Fiat Panda rally in the world

The small town of Pandino, in the province of Cremona, was literally invaded by Fiat Panda for the Panda event in Pandino 2022. The initiative resulted in the city 939 cars, setting the record for the largest Fiat Panda car rally in the world. All this took place this weekend, June 18 and 19, 2022. The previous edition, the pre-pandemic of 2019, had recorded “only” 695 cars.

Fans of the famous Fiat car had to wait three years before meeting, and the wait only increased the desire to meet again. As many as 939 Fiat Pandas from over 20 countries around the world met in the only city that could have hosted a rally of this magnitude: Pandino. Because Pandas are beautiful, but Pandino in Pandino are irresistible. Perfectly preserved pandas, battered pandas, original pandas and modified pandas. In short, many Pandas, but never enough.

Panda at Pandino 2022: An event born for fun and became a record

Among the various rare models, Pandino also saw the iconic one parading through its streets Panda Italy 90, created to celebrate the Italian Soccer World Cup. The first 350 crews arrived in the small town of Cremasco already on Saturday afternoon and were welcomed with numerous welcome activities. Citizens witnessed a spectacular caravan ride of about 20 km through the surrounding area with a stop at Palazzo Pignano. In the evening, the concert of the element 90 band was held, with the official celebrations of the birthday of the most active car-influecer and Pandista in Italy: William Jonathan. These are his words about the initiative:

“Panda in Pandino is an unparalleled event, born for fun and which leverages on a very precise and simple principle: the desire to be together in the name of authenticity. Pandists are not interested in having a perfect car, but they have the desire to see their vehicles and themselves celebrated as real everyday superheroes. On the other hand, the Panda is the car born to do what you want and it is also for this reason that this rally has become a real phenomenon of custom. The fact that each edition is more and more disruptive is the demonstration of how even the Panda, in its simplicity, can be an important vector to restart even, or above all, in such difficult moments! “.

Various prizes were also awarded for the best-preserved and the “most tamarra” car, passing through the “most banal Panda”. An event born for pure play on social media, in 2017, which over the years has attracted curious and passionate people. We have gone from 192 cars of the very first edition to 365 of the second. The exploit took place in 2019 with 695 Fiat Pandas, but nothing compared to this year’s 939.

Between fun and record numbers also a thought for the restart

Not just leisure and automotive though. The proceeds from the event, net of expenses incurred by the organization, will be redistributed to other voluntary associations in the area to support them in the restart following the pandemic. There were many realities that supported the event. Partners also include: Sahara Racing Cup, mafra, Lazzari Group Spa, Bianco Ricambi, Best Performance, Milantractor, Motorgen, Lap – Latteria Agricola Pandino, Pit Stop, Autodemolizioni Economycars, Easy Wash, LTF, MB Creativa and Citera Ricambi of Salerno.

The organizers also wanted to thank the Municipal Administration for having believed in the initiative and for having supported the event. If you own a Fiat Panda, any model, the invitation is open for 2023. Where? In Pandino of course.

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