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3.33: the new Italian TV series available on Serially

The new Italian TV series with horror nuances “3.33”, available exclusively on the new Serially platform. Here’s everything you need to know

Available on the free standalone platform Serially; the brand new Italian television series “3.33″. Directed by House Acerboni; an innovative series with pure horror nuances with the addition of a veil of thriller and mystery.

Described as a great ambitious project born under the Covid-19 health emergency; the series consists of six episodes total. Conceived together with Matteo Fontana; with the production of Roberto Chierici (also Director of Photography).

Serially is the new free streaming platform dedicated entirely to TV seriescon a wide range of securities unpublished international and non-international. Made by iXMediaan innovative startup founded in 2019 that operates in the audiovisual entertainment sector, offers a wide choice of exclusive digital content and advanced technological solutions for the dubbing industry.

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3.33: plot and curiosity

Fast images full of a strong anxiety, peep out in the new series 3.33. In a distant village in Northern Italy, the events of Alex (Alessandro Scirea), twenty-one years old who has lived all his life alone with his mother, are intertwined with that of Doctor Petrov (Claudio Savina), an elderly psychotherapist with an unusual interest in solving local and non-local crimes.

A strange and mysterious object is found, and from that moment everything seems to degenerate into a supernatural nightmare.

Present in the cast (in addition to the aforementioned protagonists Alessandro Scirea and Claudio Savina), also present Letizia Liccati; Marta Rizzioli; Loris Iannotti and Toni Pandolfo.

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