3 safe sites to buy Instagram followers (real and active)

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Are you looking for a safe site to buy Instagram followers? In this guide you will find out which are the best sites to do it right away!

Having a presence and a good following on social networks like Instagram is really very important these days. Users who are followed by many followers are able to make deals with brands more easily or to sell their products or services. In this guide you will find out which are the 3 best sites to buy Instagram followers.

On the web you can find many sites that offer this service, but we have decided to select the ones that we believe are the safest, most advantageous and reliable. On these sites you will have the opportunity to increase the number of followers with real profiles who will really follow your profile and interact with it.

Now that we have made this very important premise, if you are interested in this topic you just have to keep reading to find out all the information about it and how to proceed to grow your account safely and have greater credibility.

Safe sites to buy Instagram followers

1) Media Mister | Safe sites to buy Instagram followers

3 safe sites to buy Instagram followers (real and active)

The first safe site to buy Instagram followers we want to talk about in this guide is Media Mister. In recent times, Media Mister has made a lot of talk about itself for its safety and because it ensures that the followers purchased by the user are real, active and also Italian or of the chosen nationality. To buy high quality followers on Media Mister it is not necessary to enter any password of your profile, so your personal data will always be safe.

All the followers that you buy on this platform are real accounts and there is also a money back guarantee if you encounter any problems with the service offered. In relation to the number of followers purchased, the timing will also change, so that the account has a credible growth even for the Instagram algorithms. There is no risk of being banned just because the profiles are real.

The user will have the possibility to choose between two types of IG followers:

  • Normal: real profiles provided by Media Mister algorithms;
  • Instagram Ads followers: deriving from paid sponsored on Instagram.

There are different packages offered by Media Mister, the most popular are 3:

  • 50 Instagram Followers from Italy at the price of 11 €;
  • 250 Instagram followers from Italy at the price of 52 €;
  • 2500 followers from Italy at the price of 498 €.

If you choose other nationalities such as the USA, prices may vary. For example, 500 followers cost € 65 in this case. Hence, you should target your purchase in relation to your needs and the characteristics of your account.

2) GetAFollower | Safe sites to buy Instagram followers

3 safe sites to buy Instagram followers (real and active)

GetAFollower is considered by many to be the best site to buy Instagram followers. Also in this case, as seen previously, it is possible to buy Italian and safe followers. Security is given by the site’s money-back guarantee if something goes wrong.

GetAFollower allows users to decide whether to buy “normal” followers or followers deriving from sponsorships on Instagram carried out by platform experts. The user who uses this site can decide the place of origin of the real profiles to be purchased. In this way, if he wants Italian followers, he can get them as well as American, Indian ones and so on. For each target of real profiles the price changes.

The packages that are most frequently chosen on this site are the following:

  • 500 Instagram Followers from the USA for € 65;
  • 000 Instagram Followers from around the world for € 177;

You can lead your profile to success in this way. Growing followers has never been easier and safer.

3) Buy Real Media | Safe sites to buy Instagram followers

3 safe sites to buy Instagram followers (real and active)

If you decide to buy real Instagram followers, Buy Real Media might be the one for you. This too, like the other sites, is a safe site that is used every day by thousands of users from all over the world. This site gives a lot of importance to privacy, in fact only the link of the account on which you want to send followers and no personal data must be entered.

All the followers are also real in this case, they are not bots, so Instagram will never be able to penalize or in the worst case ban an account. Another feature of this site is certainly the customer service that is really efficient and available in solving any type of perplexity or doubt. The services are targeted so you can buy followers in line with the characteristics of the account.

Followers can be normal or deriving from Instagram Ads, depending on the user’s choice from the drop-down menu.

On this site, as in the others, there are several packages. Let’s see together the most requested ones:

  • 5000 Instagram Followers from all over the world for € 90;
  • 000 Instagram Followers from all over the world for € 179;
  • 000 Instagram Followers from all over the world for € 355;

Why buy Instagram followers?

The reasons for buying Instagram followers are different. We just have to examine them together and understand what are the real advantages of having your own larger social network.

Link nelle stories

Users with a lot of followers when they insert a link in the stories can get excellent feedback and therefore make money the brands that decide to collaborate with them. Furthermore, users who have a large number of Instagram followers can also insert the swipe up function which allows, by moving the finger towards the other, to access another site or an external platform. These functions are very useful if you use your account for business purposes.

Social proof

The second aspect concerns social proof. People tend to trust accounts that are followed by hundreds of thousands of followers. These accounts can be defined as “Influencers” precisely because they are able to influence the thinking of others. If you have few followers you will hardly be able to become a real point of reference for your followers.

Authority e Brand Reputation

Account authority is set to increase dramatically with a large number of followers. The same happens if you have a brand, its reputation will grow dramatically. As authority and reputation increase, it is much easier to build trust in your potential customers or followers.

Account growth

For an account with a lot of followers it will be much easier to take more and grow more and more. The hardest phase is the starting one, that’s why you should buy real followers from recognized sites like the ones featured in this guide.

How to buy Instagram followers?

Before buying followers on Instagram we recommend that you examine a series of parameters that we believe to be fundamental, each of these must be reviewed several times before proceeding with the purchase.

1) Real and active followers

The first thing you should consider are the characteristics of the followers you go to buy. Many online sites, in fact, do nothing but sell bots, fake or otherwise particularly inactive profiles that will have a negative influence on your account. When this happens, Instagram could punish your account or even ban it from social media.

You should therefore make sure that the followers you buy are real and active. Those that can be purchased on the sites we have indicated reflect these characteristics necessary for your account to grow in a healthy way.

2) Delivery Time

Another factor to consider is the delivery time. There are sites that allow you to receive all purchased followers immediately. However, if the flow of followers increases dramatically from one site to another, the Instagram algorithm could penalize your account. It is therefore necessary to buy from sites that are able to delay the delivery of purchased followers in such a way as to allow credible growth to the account.

On the sites that we have indicated to you for each package of followers, the delivery times for all followers are indicated, which can range from a single day up to 10 days in relation to the chosen quantity.

3) Guarantee of results

The site chosen must be able to ensure that the user who buys followers actually receives them. So we recommend that you look for as much information as possible on how the site from which you have chosen to buy followers operates.

4) Money back guarantee

If things don’t go as planned, you should be able to get a refund from the platform. If this is not expected, you should be suspicious because the platform probably does not appear to be particularly reliable.

5) Positive customer reviews

Always check customer reviews. The reviews of the best websites are always positive and they are also many. If a site has only negative reviews from users from all over the world you should avoid it to avoid damage.

6) Great customer service

Another factor to consider is the customer support service. If this is not present or is not available and is unable to answer users’ questions or problems, the experience could become really frustrating. It therefore becomes very important that it is efficient and available 24 hours a day every day of the week.

7) Affordable prices

Last but not least, another factor that you should consider is what concerns the prices for the various services. The best sites have affordable prices when compared to the quality of the service they offer.

Frequent questions

1) How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers?

The cost to buy followers on Instagram depends on the website chosen, the type of followers, their quantity and origin. Sites that act transparently indicate the cost and delivery time immediately.

2) It is legal to buy Instagram followers

If the purchased followers are real profiles it is legal and there will be no risk of being banned from the social network.

3) Do these Instagram followers come from real accounts?

Not all sites grant followers that correspond to real accounts. Some websites provide bots that are of little use. You should therefore choose safe and reliable sites such as those indicated in this guide.

4) Is it safe to buy followers on Instagram?

It is only safe when you choose platforms that act regularly and not fraudulently.

5) Do I have to share my password to buy IG Followers?

To buy IG followers it is not necessary to share the password of your account.

6) What information do I need to give to buy Instagram Followers?

The only information you will have to give concerns the “Username” that is the link of the profile on which you want to receive the newly purchased followers.

7) What is the best site to buy Instagram Followers?

There are many sites that allow you to buy followers online. The best sites for their quality of …