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Metal Gear Solid remake: the project may no longer be Bluepoint

The alleged development of a remake of Metal Gear Solid has been the subject of rumors for many months now, and in most of them we talk about Bluepoint Games as a possible software house involved in the renovation of the title of Hideo Kojima. However, it seems that in recent weeks the cards on the table have changed, and that the authors of the remake of Demon’s Souls are no longer working on the project.

Metal Gear Solid Remake: is the project no longer than Bluepoint?

To say a few words on the subject is the insider Nate the Hate, in his new episode of the podcast that he holds on YouTube and, according to what has been declared, the project would no longer be in development at the studios of Bluepoint. Indeed, there would never be. In fact, according to the insider remake di Metal Gear it should have been developed by this studio, but then it was decided to entrust it to another software house.

Nate goes a bit further, explaining that it was the one who took charge of the remaking of the title virtuoso Studio, a Singapore-based team that has already worked with several international publishers.

It would therefore be the first really big project entrusted to this software house, to be framed as a sort of award for the excellent work done so far.

As always, we invite you to take this rumor with a grain of salt, since at the moment there is nothing confirmed in this regard. In addition, the information shared by Nate the Hate they seem all too precise if we consider that this is a project that officially doesn’t even exist yet. The chances that this is a simple unfounded rumor are high then, although surely we would like to receive at least one announcement of the remake in question in the near future.

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