4A Games working on a new IP FPS

The authors of Metro Exodus, the Ukrainian 4A Games, are currently working on a new IP, which according to a job announcement will be a FPS.

About two years ago we learned that a new triple IP A was in development at the studio 4A Games, already author of the excellent saga of Metro, which had its last incarnation in Exodus. The nature of the new game, however, had remained completely shrouded in mystery at least until recently, when through a job announcement made public by the same team, we were able to learn more about the new creature of the studio.

4A Games: a new IP FPS is in production

The figures currently sought by the team are those of Senior Game Designer, Lead Game Systems Designer, Senior Technical Artist, Environment Concept Artist, e Creatures Concept Artist. and explicit reference is made to development of a new IP. The last two job positions in particular, moreover, also report as a requirement that of having one “Strong passion for FPS titles”, while that relating to Lead Game Systems Designer requires experience with first and third person action games.

4A Games working on a new IP FPS

Within one of the other announcements, specifically the one relating to the figure of Senior Game Designer, it indicates how the new work of the studio will be built leveraging the team’s proprietary engine, although this is not a huge surprise. More interesting is the text that we find on the position of Senior Technical Artist, within which the study clearly indicates how it intends to give life “To the most vivid setting ever seen in a video game”.

Obviously, these announcements should not cause concern about the future of the saga Metro, as a new chapter is in the works for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC, the story of which will be curated by Dimitry Glukhovsky.

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