5 gift ideas for Dragon Ball lovers!

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Don’t know what to give to a Dragon Ball fan? Don’t despair: this guide will provide you with 5 gift ideas for all budgets

The one created by Akira Toriyama is certainly one of the most iconic and famous POP products ever. Dragon Ball has radically changed the Western view of cartoons. A shōnen that quickly became mainstream and inspired successive series of the highest level. And we, grown up on bread and energy waves, cannot fail to have at least one collector’s item belonging to the variegated world in which the Dragon Balls are scattered.

In this article we will see in fact 5 objects made by ABYstyle perfect as gift ideas (or simply to enrich your collection) addressed to all Dragon Ball fans.

Let’s begin!

Sphere Finder Radar – 5 Gift Ideas for Dragon Ball Fans!

Any self-respecting Dragon Ball lover certainly needs a particular tool. Obviously we talk about the Sphere Seeker Radar: the electronic gadget created by the Capsule Corporation to find the various Dragon Balls around the world. Thanks to ABYstyle we will be able to make this object in miniaturized version our own, ideal to be used as a keychain. The gem is that, pressing the upper button, 3 balls will appear on the displayaccompanied by a sound warning identical to the one present in the anime version of the work (demonstration video below).

This keychain can be purchased on the company’s official website for € 15.99.

Kame House cookie holder – 5 gift ideas for Dragon Ball fans!

The Kame House it is not only the home of Master Roshi, but the real starting point from which Goku began the training which, then, led him to be one of the strongest Saiyan warriors. The ceramic version of ABYstyle will not allow us to take refuge inside it, that’s for sure, but we can hide our favorite cookies (or what’s on our mind)!

The particular cookie holder is available at a price of € 34.99.

Dragon Ball Lamp – 5 gift ideas for Dragon Ball fans!

In the advice for gift ideas, a lamp can never be missing. And Dragon Ball themed, of course, this could only be one Luminous Dragon Ball. This lamp represents the Sphere number 4 belonging to Goku which, in size, almost resembles the counterpart of Namek. Its soft orange light, the fact that it is rechargeable and therefore usable without wires, makes it perfect to be displayed in front of your stack of manga.

With a cost of € 39.99, the lamp is available on the official ABYstyle website.

5 gift ideas for Dragon Ball lovers!

Shenron glass – 5 gift ideas for Dragon Ball fans!

If you are a Dragon Ball fan, you always are… even at the table! This fantastic glass in black and gold color he is definitely nerd, but he absolutely does not put aside elegance. With at the edges of the designs that recall those present on the bowls for Ramen, the Dragon Shenron on the one hand and the seven Spheres on the other hand, this glass tumbler recalls the work of Toriyama, but also the land of the Rising Sun.

This glass is available for € 9.99 by clicking here!

Capsule number 9 – 5 gift ideas for Dragon Ball fans!

Let’s talk about a keychain again, but this time, completely different from the previous one. Made of metal, this one Capsule number 9 it is aimed above all at the proponents of the first series. In the original work, in fact, this is certainly one of the most useful inventions of Capsule Corp as it allowed Bulma and Goku to move quickly and escape aboard a motorcycle. Besides being really cool, this keychain can be unscrewed. Inside you will not find a two-wheeler, however you can insert some mints to always carry with you!

This keychain boasts a price of € 11.99 and is always available on the official website.

What is my destiny?

And this guide is also coming to an end. In case you were looking for some gift ideas for lovers of One Piece, we advise you to read our previous article. We thank ABYstyle for the collaboration and invite you to follow our pages as, in the next few days, new contents similar to this will arrive!