5 perfect gadgets to give to One Piece fans!

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In this article we will recommend 5 gadgets that are perfect as gift ideas for all One Piece fans

The mammoth work of Eiichirō Oda, originally released in 1997, has attracted millions of fans around the world over the years. Not by chance, One Piece is one of the longest-running manga ever, as well as the best-selling in the world. The vicissitudes of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew have literally made all those fans fall in love who seek adventure, action, comedy and, above all, crazy powers typical of the shōnen genre in a work.

And among your knowledge it is practically mathematical that there is a lover of the series, whether it is the manga or the anime. In this article we will see well 5 gadget coming directly from the pirate world of One Piece, produced below officially licensed gives AbyStyle!

Let’s begin!

Mugiwara Jolly Roger Lamp – 5 perfect gadgets for One Piece fans

The first gadget we suggest is this fantastic one lamp in the form of a symbol of Jolly Roger dei Mugiwara. As you can see, it is not an exaggerated lamp and, therefore, it can also be placed on a library that is not so large. With its 20cm in height, 21cm in width and only 6cm in thickness, it will surely make a beautiful figure in your “pirate corner”. Plus, it runs on 3 AA batteries and therefore no cables in sight!

The Straw Hat… The Original One – 5 Great Gadgets for One Piece Fans

Perhaps one could be missing from the recommended accessories reproduction of the straw hat? Clearly not! AbyStyle’s is a really successful imitation, with the classic red ribbon and even the drawstring to hang around the neck just like Luffy does! It is a’great gift idea for whoeg, wanted to perform cosplay. The straw hat is available in two sizes: one for children and the other for adults.

Wallet to hide the treasure – 5 perfect gadgets for One Piece fans

Characterized by a truly captivating aesthetic, this wallet is truly a fine workmanship product. The external section features the Mugiwara Jolly Roger logo in steel with a golden and aged finish, as well as fantastic engravings, while on the back we find the words “Straw Hat Crew“. The interior, on the other hand, is in red color that contrasts well with the dark brown that characterizes the details. The finishes are excellent, the metal details really nice and the interiors treated with themed prints. In short, a beautiful, useful and elegant product!

Binks Liqueur Glasses – 5 Great Gadgets for One Piece Fans

A real pirate drinks good Binks liquor (Yo-hohoho) and, therefore, he undoubtedly needs a noteworthy set of glasses. This set of two glasses is ideal for sharing your favorite drink with your adventure companion, who is by your side every day. It is a stylish combo of glasses to the point that you will also use it to drink plain water, we are sure.

5 perfect gadgets to give to One Piece fans!

For those with limited space – 5 gadgets perfect for One Piece fans

You want an action figure to put in front of your manga collection but there is little space available? AbyStyle’s “Acryl” series is for you. As you can see below these are nothing more than some acrylic shapes to be put together and on which high quality prints are affixed. The space occupied is very minimal and the overall performance is very pleasant. Furthermore, as you can see, the fact that it is transparent around allows you not to cover any comics placed behind it.

My treasure? Take it as well if you want! Look for it!

This mini guide on gadgets every One Piece fan should have ends here. We thank AbyStyle for collaboration and we invite you, as always, to follow the TechGameWorld.com pages for more content on the nerdy world and much more!

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