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SEO, can you trust link-only metrics?

To find out if a web page will be viewed by a large number of people or by no one, there are three basic letters: SEO. Optimizing your sites for search engines (and especially Google) can give a huge advantage to anyone who posts something on the world wide web. But to understand if the optimization is of quality, you need the right metrics to evaluate SEO. And according to experts from Sistrixmetrics like Domain Authority, l’Authority Score e il Domain Rating alone are not enough.

What metrics are needed to evaluate SEO

There are different systems to evaluate the SEO performance of a site, a page, an article. None of these really know the specifics of Google’s algorithms, nor can they perfectly understand the trends and needs of the public. But many try.

Moz explains that the Domain Authority (DA) predicts a site’s likelihood of ranking high in searches. Semrush explains Authority Score dmakes a judgment on the overall quality of a site and its SEO performance. Ahrefs defines thel Domain Rating (DR) such as the ‘strength’ of a backlink profile compared to others in its database.

However, all of them base their results on link analysis. But those of Sistrix explain that there are several problems with this approach. First of all in the size of the index of links that Google crawls compared to that of SEO software. We also don’t know which links Google evaluates and which it doesn’t – a comparison is next to impossible, second Sistrix.

In other words: “the general problem with metrics calculated on the basis of third party Link Indexes is that there is no direct link to the Google ecosystem. It is therefore not possible or to know how much this data diverges from Google, nor be sure that this margin of error is constant for all domains. “

According to Sistrix, it is therefore essential to use measurement metrics, which evaluate the trend of the domain over time. In short, the analysis is much more complicated: you can learn more about the topic on this article from the Sistrix blog. Here instead you can evaluate your site.

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