5 reasons to catch up on The Walking Dead on Disney +

Haven’t seen The Walking Dead yet? Let’s find out in this guide the 5 reasons why you should absolutely recover it on the occasion of its release on Disney +

There are tons of reasons to want to watch The Walking Dead series, especially now that it’s available on Disney +. In this guide we will propose the 5 main reasons for which to recover what, already today, is acclaimed as an unmissable series.

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The struggle for survival | Retrieve The Walking Dead on Disney +

One of the best reasons to watch The Walking Dead is given by the constant struggles that the characters have to live for survival in a continuous and very compelling crescendo. Most of them are normal people who led very different lives before being in the middle of the apocalypse. Now they face enormous challenges and face the loss of the people they love and find shelter and food, as well as defend themselves from hostile “factions”.

“WoW” Moments | Retrieve The Walking Dead on Disney +

Certainly some episodes of The Walking Dead may seem slow and boring, but this apparent slowness is functional to make the “Big Reveal” moments more impactful. In fact, from the apparent calm of some episodes, we pass without warning to moments in which we realize what happened to the monster characters or, worse, we are faced with subtle and chilling deaths at the same time. Trying not to say “WoW” in front of such scenes is really impossible.

The female characters | Retrieve The Walking Dead on Disney +

Let’s face it, seeing strong, well-written and courageous female characters is always very enjoyable. There are a lot of brave women in The Walking Dead who don’t mind giving everything for survival. Our favorite? Definitely Michonne the bravest woman of the series, but also the quiet Beth who slowly learns to defend herself from the adversities of the world. Let’s not add anything else: we leave you the pleasure of discovering what The Walking Dead has in store for you.

5 reasons to catch up on The Walking Dead on Disney +

Character development | Retrieve The Walking Dead on Disney +

Throughout its seasons, The Walking Dead has shown constant character evolution. In fact, the series is a constant surprise thanks to the reactions that, although sometimes unexpected, in the end always prove to be consistent with the characters. For example who would have expected a rude like Darly to slowly show a very human side? Then we want to talk about Sheriff Rick, initially loyal to the rules and all in one piece, who learns to play dirty in order to survive. The icing on the cake: the writers don’t mind killing characters, even fan favorites.

Darly | Recuperare The Walking Dead su Disney+

Who wouldn’t want Daryl on their side in the event of a zombie apocalypse? He is good at using any weapon, he knows how to make any living thing a fantastic dinner and, icing on the cake, he can take you away from any danger with his motorcycle. We are definitely talking about the most interesting character in The Walking Dead, one of the reasons why this series can please anyone.

5 reasons to catch up on The Walking Dead on Disney +


You don’t have to be a fan of the zombie genre to enjoy The Walking Dead. In fact, the series focuses so much on the interaction between the characters and on the way in which they deal with the loss of civilian life rather than on zombies. This makes the series a great innovator of the genre, and makes it appreciated by an extremely large audience: this has been the key to its success. If you’ve already watched the series, let us know what you think in the comments! Continue to follow us on the techgameworld.com pages for other news from the world of TV series and Cinema.

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