Corporate Gadgets: Five Mistakes to Avoid

Every detail of the company promotion must be in the name of consistency. Let’s find out five mistakes to avoid when it comes to corporate gadgets

We have definitely learned that the web plays a crucial role when it comes to business promotion. However, it is essential not to forget… analogue means. These include i gadget. When calling them, it is necessary to take into account some errors related to their management. Which ones are they? In the next few lines, we have listed five.

Completely exclude them from your strategy

The last year and a half has radically changed companies’ approach to promotion tools. An example? The online “transfer” of the events that, until the beginning of 2020, were organized live. This has led several realities to overshadow the use of gadgets, wrongly. Their role, in fact, is not limited to the world of events. In fact, they can be used as a team building tool and to consolidate the belonging of employees – especially new hires – to the company. Excluding them from one’s strategy, we repeat, is a serious mistake. Doing so means forgetting the importance of employer branding, that is the way in which those who work in a particular company tell about their daily professional reality.

Don’t exploit the web

When it comes to find the perfect gadget, there is no need to waste time looking for the number of that supplier to which you have contacted several years before (and which perhaps has not even done a quality job). In a few clicks on the web, it is possible to find yourself in front of a wide choice of companies and artisans who deal with making corporate gadgets.

It does not matter whether you are talking about personalized pens or t-shirts: thanks to sites such as – ​​we have mentioned only one of the numerous themed portals – you can, in a few clicks, choose the best gadget for your needs. .

Little attention to the target

Another serious mistake that many companies make when dealing with gadgets is to donate them “so much for”, without paying attention to the target. An example? Plastic pens given as gadgets at an event dedicated to corporate CEOs.

Lack of consistency

Every detail of the business promotion it must be consistent. This means, for example, choosing the same color palette for the site and for the letterhead. Remaining in the field of colors, it is good to underline the importance of choosing them taking into account, as already mentioned, the target and the type of business. If you have a B2B business, the use of yellow as the main color and the Comic Sans font is not the best!

This consistency must also be brought to the fore when it comes to gadgets, which must be in line with their own corporate values. If, for example, you have a business that focuses a lot on sustainability, there is no need to choose a plastic gadget produced by a multinational company. Much better is to focus on a local reality with a production chain that is attentive to the environment.

Forget the practical aspect

When it comes to the mistakes that companies often make when they decide to introduce gadgets into your promotion strategy, a dutiful mention must be dedicated to situations in which the practical aspect is overshadowed. To have the desired effect, the gadget must accompany the person to whom it is donated over time. This means, for example, that when you choose to donate a shopper it is better to choose it with colors that are easy to wear in everyday life.

Always with a view to practicality, it is crucial to never forget quality. Precisely by virtue of the goal of making the gadget last for as long as possible, it is good that it is made with excellent materials. This means, inevitably, not going to the savings (and adopting the same approach that is put in the foreground for assets such as the website).