5G Summit: 5G technology accessible to all

GSMA, Counterpoint, realme and Qualcomm have announced that the 5G Summit will be held on June 3rd. Let’s find out together what it is

GSMA, Counterpoint, realme e Qualcomm they announced that next June 3 will be held on 5G Summit with the following theme: making the 5G global e accessible per all. The main leaders of these companies will share their opinions on global development of 5G and its future opportunities offered by this technology.

5G Summit: i partecipanti

Kalvin Bahia, Principal Economist,GSMA Intelligence:

“5G represents an opportunity to accelerate economic growth in a post-pandemic world.”

Peter Richardson, VP and co-founder, Counterpoint Research:

“5G is a fundamental technology that will fundamentally change the way people live, learn and work.”

Madhav Sheth, VP by realme, CEO of realme India and Europe:

“We believe 5G will be the greatest useful engine for accelerating intelligent life for young people around the world.”

Johnny Chen, Brand Director by realme:

“Our phones will allow young people to express themselves in ways that go beyond physical spaces.”

The proposals of the companies

GSMA will share their own considerations on the expectations of growth of 5G in emerging markets, on the obstacles toadoption of Internet mobile 5G and how it can stimulate the growth in a post-pandemic world.

Counterpoint and will concentrate about how the 5G is changing the way the people they use technology, the trend of 5G a spread to price levels always lower, some numbers indicating i major players of smartphone in 5G and the specifications on new smartphones in development of 5G.

realme will share some ideas on his role in the 5G era, why the 5G will become the engine more significant per accelerate intelligent life for young people around the world, insights onincreased demand of young users with the 5G and some details on his next product lines.

Qualcomm will speak of how works together with producers of smartphone for to guarantee the better performance, focusing on specific applications that I am important per to provide the whole 5G experience.

The live streaming of the 5G Summit will start on June 3 at 11:00, through the following link.

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