Lost City of D: Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock in the first photo from the set

Channing Tatum shared the first image from the set of the romantic action film Lost City of D, opposite Sandra Bullock

Filming of the action / romantic movie, Lost City of D, with Channing Tatum e Sandra Bullock are currently underway. In the past few hours, the actor has shared the first shot from the set on social media; the two seem very close as they have fun during a scene.

Lost City of D: Channing Tatum e Sandra Bullock sul set

The film is based on an idea of Seth Gordon (How to kill the boss … and live happily, Baywatch), which he will produce with his Exhibit A Films, Bullock with her Fortis Films with Liza Chasin and his 3dot Productions. While the Paramount Pictures will take care of the distribution.

History centers on a lonely romance novelist (Bullock) who gets stuck on a literary tour with the model appearing on the cover of her new novel (Tatum). A kidnapping attempt will take them on a jungle adventure, which will prove how much more strange, and romantic, life can be than any romance.

The film is directed by the brothers Adam and Aaron Nee, while the most recent version of the script was written by Dana Fox. Previously, the screenwriter gave birth to romantic comedies such as Love Has Its Price, Good Night in Las Vegas and Island of Couples.

The most interesting aspect of the film is the antagonist, who will be played by Daniel Radcliffe; according to what is written, he will be the one to kidnap the protagonists. There are also rumors of the presence in the film of Brad Pitt, but with a small role. Of course, for now it’s just rumors.

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