6 curiosities about the cordless vacuum cleaner

A cordless vacuum cleaner is one of the cleaning allies, ideal for those who never have time but want to have a perfect home from every point of view. Let’s find out the benefits

They are technologically advanced appliances, rich in features that allow – thanks to its many accessories – to clean even upholstery, furniture and hidden corners.

But what are the you are curious about the cordless vacuum cleaner to know?

Characteristics of a cordless vacuum cleaner

A wireless vacuum cleaner it must have particular characteristics to meet the needs of each person. Today on the market there are many models that start from a low end and arrive at a high end, with additional accessories and different peculiarities.

At the time you want buy a cordless vacuum cleaner it is good to consider some fundamental characteristics:

Important detail that determines the cleaning job that the appliance will be able to do. The brands have thoroughly studied a method to extend the battery capacity even when the suction power increases, so as to ensure adequate cleaning throughout the house.

The best wireless vacuum cleaner it is full of different accessories, so you don’t have to have other appliances in the house. With just one cleaning ally you can clean surfaces, furniture, upholstery and hidden corners that normally cannot be reached. The main brush is correlated by the integrated LED lights so as to guide towards the darkest corners full of dust, then there are the smaller brushes and the nozzles that suck and imprison all kinds of dirt.

L’cordless vacuum cleaner is lightweight, wireless and without dust bag. All these qualities allow it to be transported with ease in the case of stairs, or up to the garage to clean the interior of the car. They are versatile, with integrated cyclone technology and great for treating even the most delicate floors.

For the new ones wireless vacuum cleaner lithium-ion batteries with a longer life have been studied, guaranteeing a complete cleaning session. A duration that reaches up to 30 minutes with about 2/4 hours for full recharge: an excellent compromise!

Some models of wireless vacuum cleaner allow you to activate the Turbo or Max mode. This has an above average power and takes a few minutes to vacuum points where dirt is imperative. A very useful feature.

Most brands have integrated the Hepa filter for its models of vacuum cleaners, but it is always good to check before purchasing. The Hepa filter is very important especially for trapping dust particles (even the smallest ones) releasing only clean air. Optimal for allergy sufferers, but in general for all family members.

6 things to know about a cordless vacuum cleaner

Buying a cordless vacuum cleaner is now a step towards home autonomy. There is no more time to clean as dust accumulates in every corner of the rooms – what’s better than that operate this appliance and get help at any time? As listed above there are key features that must be considered when you want such an accessory.

To these they go added preferences on a certain type of brand, the battery life, the number of accessories supplied and even the final price. But that’s not all, in fact there are 6 things to know about a cordless vacuum cleaner that very few people know!

  • Wireless vacuum cleaner models
  • If once the vacuum cleaner was represented by a maximum of two high quality models, today there are many on the market. Why? Just for respond to needs of each user and each type of family. Always evaluate the weight, the charging time, the design that reflects your personal taste and also the guarantee. Keep an eye on the filters and the type of battery, remembering that if integrated – once it no longer works you will have to replace the entire vacuum cleaner (better removable).

    What does it all mean? Doing a research before buying is a must, ranging between brands and features.

  • Where is the cordless vacuum cleaner used
  • The cordless vacuum cleaner can be used anywhere. Let it be one single-storey house or developed on several floors there are no problems because it is light and easy to handle.

    But this appliance is also used on stairs, on the ceiling, to clean chairs and furniture without ever compromising the movement of the back and accompanying every gesture with delicacy. It is an accessory that can be used everywhere in the house and even outside the home to clean the interior of the car.

  • Why this appliance is useful
  • But it is really useful a wireless vacuum cleaner? Absolutely yes. Whether it’s a small or large house, this is one of the appliances that should never be missing. He is able to do many different jobs from the simplest to the most complex. Cleaning is complete and its use is easy.

  • The price of the cordless vacuum cleaner is related to the features
  • The prices of a cordless vacuum cleaner vary depending on the brand and model chosen. The more features there are, the more this appliance can become a real ally for cleaning at home. With the price usually also increase the battery life, suction power and accessories included.

  • It is ideal for any type of surface
  • The Are the surfaces of a house different and delicate? There are no problems, in fact the brushes of the cordless vacuum cleaner are designed to be delicate. The bristles are soft and the movement, albeit fast, does not damage various materials such as wood – marble and other existing ones. Also ideal on carpets, working to extract the dust from the textures and give them a new life.

  • It is optimal for all types of dirt
  • The cordless vacuum cleaner is also ideal for treat any type of dirt. The hair of four-legged friends, pieces of biscuit or other ingredients that fall on the floor, dust and debris of various kinds. Everything will be sucked up and imprisoned in the special container leaving every corner of the house clean.

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