7 good reasons to buy an antivirus and skip the free versions

7 buone ragioni per acquistare un antivirus e lasciar perdere le versioni gratuite

Never underestimate IT security! Let’s find out seven good reasons why you should buy an antivirus and forget about the free versions

The internet is full of people who have bad intentions. They are becoming more and more subtle and ingenious, so protecting your computer from viruses and malware has become absolutely necessary.

Another factor must be considered, namely that many free antivirus have managed to integrate many more features than in the past, moreover, complete protection is already offered in operating systems such as Windows 10 and MacOS. There is an increasingly popular school of thought that you no longer need to pay for an antivirus service.

However, whether or not to pay for an antivirus service depends on how you interact with the online world and how much you risk losing in the event of a system breach.

7 good reasons to buy an antivirus and skip the free versions

Below we list the seven benefits of using a paid antivirus.

A wider range of features

The most talked about topic is paying for your protection. Currently, the threats from scammers and hackers on the internet extend far beyond the realm of viruses and malware. Unlike most freeware antivirus, paid solutions tend to offer a more complete suite of tools and features in one package, giving you a much wider range of protections available to you. These additional features often include the following:

  • Anti-phishingWhile modern web browsers now have some degree of anti-phishing, paid packages often offer their own, usually superior, protection against such attacks by alerting you to dangerous websites and messages intended to steal your data.
  • VPN: particularly useful for those who work outside the home, the virtual private network (VPN) is able to redirect web traffic, offering a level of protection when using public wi-fi, it can also simulate the country you are in, allowing you to access services otherwise blocked in the country
  • Anti-ransomware– Given the constant growth of online fraud and extortion, premium solutions offer features that prevent ransomware viruses from blocking your data. This often works with the user selecting folders on their hard drive that cannot be accessed by non-programs
  • Added the degree of security for online banking: Many premium AV services automatically activate and enhance browser security when visiting online banking websites.
  • Password managers: offering greater security for your online accounts, the function allows you to automatically access sites and services with your data stored in a “locker” with an encrypted password so

Ease of use

Although there are numerous separate and dedicated programs that do all the jobs listed above, and in some cases in a more than satisfactory way, having them all combined into one program can still make security management much easier to manage to keep under control. the threats.

Assistance upon request

Free antivirus rarely includes technical or phone support, which is generally standard with paid options. If you run into a problem while using a free solution, you are often at the mercy of the FAQ or user forums to solve any problem. In a situation where you are the victim of a ransomware attack, a delay in getting a solution could be disastrous. Bitdefender, Norton, and Kaspersky all offer comprehensive support options, including phone lines and live chat.

Better coverage for business

It’s one thing to make sure the laptop you use for Netflix is ​​safe, but if you use your PC for work, you are likely to have different threats and security needs. If you manage a small organization with a certain number of computers used, with all the customer details stored, you will have to take into account the professionalism and browsing and downloading habits of the working staff, making the existence of a secure protection system even more vital. .

Protection for the whole family

Unfortunately, the internet is not a place that children can safely explore on their own. To this end, antivirus programs usually have some sort of parental control feature built into the software. For a fee, antivirus usually provides a license to run the software on multiple devices, unlike free alternatives – which means you can protect your entire family’s computers with just one payment.

Email protection

Email still remains the most popular way for scammers to compromise your data with viruses and Trojans.

An accidental click on an apparently harmless-looking image or on a link contained in a message could cause the computer to become infected. Premium antivirus will automatically scan incoming messages and attachments, reporting suspicious files and potential threats to you.

More efficient

Antivirus once had a well-deserved reputation for being software capable of viewing anything, often causing the machine to crash during the scanning process. Sometimes it seemed like antivirus was as big of an obstacle as having a real virus on your computer. The premium solutions these days thankfully now have a much smaller impact on your system, running in the background with minimal strain on your computer, and are usually much more efficient than their free alternatives.

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