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Hoverwatch: the software to supervise your children

Are you wondering where your kids went last night? Can’t reach them on the phone? Find out where your kids are (and were) with Hoverwatch!

Hoverwatch is aimed at help you protect and supervise your children, giving you the ability to track their location, discover their daily routes, listen to their calls and read their text messages.

Hoverwatch, the complete solution for Android

Hoverwatch stores information about incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, records phone calls and sends periodic reports on the phone’s GPS location. In addition, it can be configured to take a snapshot of the user’s face every time the phone is unlocked with the phone’s front camera.

Hoverwatch, functionality and simplicity

The Android market is full of monitoring applications, call recording and surveillance suites all over the place. Unlike all these apps and services, Hoverwatch aims to include everything you need to take care of your children without burdens and without complex configuration settings. With Hoverwatch, you get all the essentials, including phone tracking on the map, location history, text messages, call information and conversation recording, all conveniently accessible with a single account.

Monitor text messages

The Hoverwatch spy cellphone keeps track of the SMS sent and received, allowing you to read the text messages in your account. Each message is accompanied by location information, which allows you to view the location on the map where each message was sent or received.

Theft protection for your Android devices

Protect your device from theft or loss! In addition to tracking the phone in the background and reporting the exact coordinates on the map, Hoverwatch can take instant photos with the phone’s front camera whenever the device is unlocked. This feature is useful when your phone is lost or stolen and you want to know who has it.

Advanced GPS mapping

You can see the location of the phone whenever your kids make a call, launch an application or send a text message. You will know exactly what they did and where. By supporting OpenStreetMap and Google Maps in Street and Satellite Map modes, Hoverwatch plots a route on the map to let you know exactly where your kids are and what they are (or were) doing.

The ideal software to supervise your children

Hoverwatch is designed for families and parents concerned about the safety of their children. The ability to run invisibly in the background helps parents take care of their children without them knowing. Continuous monitoring and periodic reporting to a central location allows access to historical and real-time GPS locations from anywhere in the world. The tracking ability, along with stored location information, helps find the phone on the map if it is lost or stolen, while the ability to take photos of anyone by unlocking the device helps identify the new ‘owner’.

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