9 habits that ruin your computer

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I computers are essential for many jobs. But also for hobbies, for home management and for the most disparate activities: many people use the PC every day. And yet, very often people have habits that risk ruining your computer. Paying more attention could lengthen the life of your PC and make it work better.

9 habits that can ruin your computer

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There are some oversights that can ruin your PC’s battery a little, others that can become much more dangerous. But you should avoid all these habits to make sure you don’t mess up your computer.

Use the same password on multiple accounts

Ok, maybe you know this one. But often you risk not paying attention, to save time (or just out of laziness) e recycle passwords for multiple accounts. If it is true that it is easier to remember, on the other hand you help cybercriminals: if they discovered your password on any forum (perhaps with poor security) they would end up having access to all your social accounts and more.

Ideally, you should create one secure and memorable password for each account. But in all likelihood, you’d struggle to remember a dozen complicated passwords, so opt for a password manager instead.

Habits That Ruin Computers: Close Those Tabs!

Keeping too many browser tabs open reduces productivity and puts unnecessary strain on RAM. Some browsers know how to “freeze” unused tabs, but the result is not enough for all. All those open tabs can slow down your computer, drain your battery faster. And they can even distract you while you’re doing other things.

Likewise, it’s also best to avoid running too many applications at once, as it can take up too much space too many resources of your PC. This is one of the habits that are likely to ruin, especially if a little dated.

Place objects (especially food and drinks) on the PC

Placing objects on the keyboard is a common mistake that can cause damage to your laptop. Small items can easily get stuck in the keyboard and prevent key presses. Food bribes also create a breeding ground for microbes. And spilling drinks can cause permanent damage.

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If you have to eat or drink at your desk (we get you!), keep items away from your computer and its peripherals. Better yet, if you have external screens, keep yours laptop connected with a docking station and leave it closedplacing cups of coffee or herbal tea on the opposite side of the desk.

Skip updates

Your computer’s operating system allows you to run applications, access files, and browse the Internet. They Software updates are essential to ensure that your computer runs optimally and safely. Especially since they contain bug fixes, security patches and other new features.

If they arrive at an inconvenient time, make sure you schedule the installation for a more appropriate time. This way, you will have the latest security patches and the latest features, without wasting time.

Habits that can ruin your computer: Always leave it on

In all likelihood, always leave the computer in sleep instead of turning it off. This might save you a few minutes each day, but it doesn’t give your computer a break to cool down or clear its memory, which may reduce its performance and life.

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Also, shutting down your computer every night ensures installation of pending updates, fixing bugs, stopping background processes and cooling down the system. All things that extend the life of your PC.

Download files from unknown sources

Downloading files or programs from unknown sources is one of the worst habits that can ruin your computer, exposing your system to malicious software. Something that could slow down your PC, steal sensitive information or make it completely unusable. Be careful when you click: make sure you know the source.

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If you are not sure, you can check before downloading files online, making sure they come from official sources. Also, if you doubt, you can look for reviews and check the site’s SSL certificate. Moreover, Always update the antivirus software installed on your computer.

Place the laptop on unventilated surfaces

We’ve all done this: place the laptop on beds, pillows, sofas. Unfortunately, however convenient, it is one of those little habits that risks ruining your computer.

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This is because the laptop generates heat during use and is designed to dissipate it through vents, which are typically found on the side or under the laptop. When you place your laptop on a surface that blocks the vents or prevents air circulation, it will not be able to dissipate heat properly, leading to overheating and causing permanent damage to internal components.

Instead, stand on a hard, flat surface like a desk or table, keeping all vents from being blocked. Better yet a laptop stand to improve air circulation.

Habits that can ruin your computer: Filling up memory

All laptops have limited storage space. So you risk finishing it, even too soon. This risks decrease laptop performancebecause it will take longer to run applications and open files.

To avoid this, delete unnecessary or unused programs and files from your computer. Better yet, make a backup what you need: below is a guide to choosing the right technology to do it.

Read carefully during the installation

Another habit we are all guilty of: click the “Next” button, without reading nothing during the installation process. The first issue is with the permissions granted to programs, which could lead to security vulnerabilities and performance issues.

Also, you may install an additional program without realizing it, change settings that may take a long time to fix. Taking a few seconds to read could save you time in the long run.

By avoiding these bad habits, you’ll extend the life of your computer – or at least avoid damaging it.