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Dead Space 2 Remake: found thanks to an easter egg?

A new easter egg present in the remake of the first chapter of Dead Space hints at the possibility of seeing Dead Space 2 Remake in the future

The remake of Dead Space is out now, and while it’s still in its infancy, it’s already clear that EA and developer Motive Studio have managed to bring the beloved survival horror franchise back to life with a bang. A big surprise, based on a easter egg discovered in the newly released remake, it seems that EA is planning to make the remake of Dead Space 2. Dead Space New Game Plus features some new add-on content that wasn’t in the original game, including some new text logs which can be found throughout the USG Ishimura.

Is Dead Space 2 Remake a reality thanks to the new easter egg?

One such easter egg for Dead Space 2 Remake is a log found in-game showing two characters having a conversation about finding new job opportunities due to Ishimura’s impending retirement. Interestingly, the conversation veers towards potential job hiring in the Sprawl su Titan Station. The Sprawl is a massive city-sized space station that serves as the setting for Dead Space 2. The new text log is just an easter egg but being a new addition in the remake, some might assume it’s just a clue in wanting to make the remake of 2 in the future.

Dead Space 2 Remake: found thanks to an easter egg?

Of course, for now, it’s confirmed that Motive Studio is working on a game about Iron Man single-player action-adventure game. However, nothing prevents players from dreaming of a remake of the sequel to one of the most popular horror games ever, especially if the first one is very successful among players. Recall that Dead Space is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S e PC.

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