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G2 Esports and Herman Miller kick off a collaboration

Herman Miller and G2 Esports have kicked off a collaboration that will see the luxury furniture supplier offer the team its own gaming kit

G2 Esports, one of the brands of eSports and the world’s most distinctive and successful entertainment, e Herman Miller Gamingthe division of luxury furniture manufacturer Herman Miller specifically dedicated to research and development for gamers, announce a partnership exclusive who will provide the G2 teams with the Herman Miller Gaming gaming kit and create exclusive opportunities collaboration in the research and development of new products.

G2 Esports and Herman Miller will collaborate for several years

Both brands are focused on high performance: the partnership was defined with the aim of exploiting the specific areas of expertise for the promotion of in-depth research and collaboration activities, which will shape future insights and products. From now on, Herman Miller will make its experience available to the G2 teams e its own innovative products to help strengthen their competitive success by equipping gamers with new chairs, tables and stands for monitors. The teams of the two companies will work together to discover and share knowledge that will lead to the future product development: this also includes the relationship of G2 players and the larger G2 community with Herman Miller’s R&D team. Additionally, Herman Miller will work with the G2 team at a performance modelto analyze how to improve the recruitment and training of G2 gamers.

G2 Esports and Herman Miller kick off a collaboration

The partnership agreement extends to more years, testifying to the shared strategic collaboration and the ambition to bring activities to new levels of excellence. Since its founding in 2015, G2 has achieved the highest levels of performance in every aspect of the business in the esports industry. At the same time, PC enthusiasts and gamers from all corners of the world have used Herman Miller products to enhance their performance. The partnership will see the two brands come together for deliver the best gaming experience for G2’s 45 million fans around the world.

G2 is the largest esports team Herman Miller Gaming has ever partnered with to date, and will join G2’s list of trusted business partners, including Logitech, New Era, Ralph Lauren, adidas, Betway, BMW, Mastercard, Pringles and Red Bull.

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