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Lost Ark: how to get started, tips and tricks

Starting from its launch in Europe and North America, Lost Ark has had a remarkable success: whether it is thanks to the free-to-play model or the advertising campaign of Amazon Games, with this guide we will explain, with useful tips and tricks, how to get started. better your adventure in the Smilegate MMORPG

Starting a new MMORPG, for many players, can become a complicated experience. In addition to feeling immersed in a living world, full of players intent on doing the same activities as us, they often are there many systems one above the other, making the player feel overwhelmed by the excessive amount of information being thrown at him. With this article we will therefore try to meet those who have embarked on an adventure but who find themselves, for one reason or another, in difficulty: we will try to explain to you, with 10 simple tips and trickshow to start playing Lost Arkso you can get the most out of your runs and hopefully enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest.

A step at a time

The first indication we can give you, which does not exactly fall into the list of 10 tips and tricks on how to best start Lost Ark, is to do not rush to understand everything at once. We are used, with other types of video games, to understand all systems from the moment they are introduced to us: with Lost Ark, and with MMORPGs in general, it will happen to see systems and game mechanics that you will not be able to understand if not advancing. in the adventure.

So curb your urgency to know everything right away, and make peace with the idea that you will have to put your attention only on the aspects that interest you and that have been explained to you at least by a tutorial and a quest. In Lost Ark, you will find yourself nell’endgame only once the level 50, and therefore for many hours of gameplay there will be dark mechanics to you. THE 10 tips in fact, the following will only refer to the initial stages of leveling, so if you have misunderstood and are looking for a guide on the endgame this is not the article to refer to.

Lost Ark: how to get started, tips and tricks

Main Quest, Side Quest and collectibles – Lost Ark: getting started, tips and tricks

This first paragraph, as suggested by the title, is about your main activities during leveling. The first tip is the following: although there is the classic distinction between main quest e side questgive both of these categories the same weight and the same importance. During leveling, the vast majority of experience points derive from quests, and therefore it will be important to complete as many as possible, under penalty of the risk of proceeding with the underleveled character. There are also not many side quests, so don’t be afraid to waste too much time on these activities, because it won’t happen.

The second tip is to keep an eye on l’Adventurer’s Tometrying to complete most of the goals in the various areas. Inside you will find everything, including different types of collectibles (someone named the cursed ones Mokobo Seeds?), and trying to complete at least a good percentage will help relieve the load later. Yes, we are always referring to the endgame: the activities to do after reaching level 50 they are very manyand relieving some of the load in advance may be more pleasant once advanced.

Lost Ark: how to get started, tips and tricks

Ready, Fight – Lost Ark: how to get started, tips and tricks

Continuing with this guide on how to start playing Lost Ark, the tips and tricks in this part are about fighting. The third piece of advice we give you is to do not waste time to kill enemies for the map if the quest doesn’t specifically ask you to. The experience points given by the enemies killed are very few (as mentioned before, they mainly earn from quests), so little that it turns out meaningless. In addition, doing extra fights will consume your gear (which will need to be repaired) and will cause you to lose life unnecessarily by making you waste potions.

The game also, as a bonus, gives each new player bonus items, such as Phoenix Plume which are used to resurrect bonus players or Health Potion. There, leave these items alone, at least for the first few hours of the game. Clearly when the situation requires it, use them, but the first hours of the game can be dealt with easily without using almost never anything of all this. The reason why we also advise you to keep them is that, in addition to serving at a later stage of the adventure, they are pure difficult to craftand therefore it is best to keep them for when you really need them.

The fifth piece of advice we give you, although it may be obvious to many, is that of concatenare le skill. The beauty of the action combat of Lost Ark lies in the possibility of chaining the available skills so as to create potentially endless combos and pave huge hordes of enemies. Don’t be afraid of cooldown, they are all short enough to allow you to reuse them shortly after. By chaining combos and experimenting with the various build possible, you will have the possibility to find the one that you enjoy the most, without having to cling to predefined builds that are more efficient than others.

Lost Ark: how to get started, tips and tricks

Gear and relationships with NPCs – Lost Ark: how to get started, tips and tricks

Another thing that it is worth avoidingat least as long as you’re in leveling, it is improve the gear. As MMORPG players will know, during leveling you are usually covered in gear, in order to have weapons and armor. always in step with the progress of the levels. For this reason, if you find yourself below level 50it is better not to pay attention to the upgrade system: both the armor that you find yourself will surely give it away in the short term to make room for a stronger one.

Among the secondary activities that are worth taking a look at during leveling is the one related to NPCs “Report” (to understand each other, we mean those who have the heart icon, in the first city you will find two for example). By talking to these NPCs, you will have the opportunity to improve your relationship with them by doing their quests, singing them songs, making emotes and giving them gifts. In return, as the level of rapport increases they will give you increasingly important gifts. Check these NPCs daily, so from maximize your earnings in rapport.

Lost Ark: how to get started, tips and tricks

Classes, presets and stores – Lost Ark: getting started, tips and tricks

The eighth tip that we give you in this guide with tricks and tips on how to start Lost Ark, we warmly invite you to stop for try all classes. As mentioned before, the game is at its best with the combat system, and to be able to try the various styles of play it’s important. Are you playing with a class that doesn’t excite you very much after a while? Start over and try something else. Although leveling is a long processhowever, most of your most important items are transferable from one halt to another, so your progression will not be totally lost.

As a penultimate piece of advice we can tell you to use presets. Thanks to these additional slots you can totally change skills, gear and card sets with a single click. As you get to more advanced stages of the game, having specific sets as needed will be important (for example, a DPS class may have a preset dedicated to killing hordes of enemies simple while another dedicated who boss), and since the game gives you one extra slot for freeit may be a good idea to use them.

Last but not least, this advice refers to the store: don’t buy anything, at least in the early stages of the game. The store is filled with interesting items and timed offers that are sure to appeal to many players, but during leveling it is the case for leave it alone. When you get to level 50, that is, as we have repeated countless times so far, nell’endgamethen many of the items on the store will be much more usefuland then it will be time to make any purchases.

Lost Ark: how to get started, tips and tricks


Finished the tricks and tips to explain how to start playing Lost Ark, we just have to wish you have fun within the game world. If you need more guides on the Smilegate game published by Amazon Games, we invite you to check out our other guide on how to level up quickly.

At the end of the guide, we invite you to stay tuned on the pages for daily updates on all the most important news in the videogame world. If, on the other hand, you prefer to buy game keys at discounted prices, you can do so by going to Instant Gaming.