A Football Manager player enters the Guinness World Record for a 416-year match

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Four centuries of coaching professional football teams. This is the in-game time elapsed since Paweł Siciński in Football Manager, which earned him the Guinness World Record. It is in fact the longest single match in the popular football management video game, with 417 seasons as a coach. It all started with the 2018 season, when Siciński virtually sat on the bench of his first team for the first time. Since then, his managerial career has lasted until 2434with a total of 59,000 goals in over 22,300 matches played. In all, with only 260 day offs between the various seasons, for a real playing time that exceeds 9 thousand hours. And that’s not all, because “the coach” said he wanted to reach 500 by the summer.

Football Manager 18 is officially in the Guinness World Record

The milestone was certified by the Guinness World Record, which shared a post Twitter to announce the primacy. The news was immediately picked up by the official account of the game, which wished the coach the best of luck for the 500 season. of records “. The user also explained that, despite the recent launch of Football Manager 2022, he has remained faithful to the 2018 version, the same that earned him this bizarre record.

In the review of Football Manager 2022 our Giulia wrote:

“The title is certainly not a revolution and, in many respects, it remains the same as the previous one. This is demonstrated by the conferences and other details which, unfortunately, have not undergone any major changes. Despite this, however, the title manages to come up with something new, proving to be valid and worthy. We have revisited animations and an exceptional database. “