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New Kobold VK7 S: everything you need to know

We were invited to the presentation event of the new VK7 S elf, here’s what we discovered

There are those who aspire to perfection and those who create it: Vorwerk presents the Kobold VK7 S cleaning system, cordless and more powerful than ever!

Italy is the first country in Europe where the Vorwerk Group launches the new Kobold VK7 S cleaning system on the market.

Il new Kobold VK7 S cleaning system represents for the company a real milestone in the development of a complete, modular and innovative solution for cleaning home environments. The new Kobold System adapts to everyone’s needs and is able to perfectly blend style, modularity, customization and manageability.

New Kobold VK7 S: everything you need to know

The big news of the new Kobold VK7 S cleaning system?

It is cordless and guarantees the same high performance standards that have made the Folletto brand synonymous with deep cleansing and hygiene and a product loved by generations of Italians.

Today we present the latest generation of the Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System ”. declares Jorge Lasheras, General Manager of Vorwerk Italy, “Italy is the country that historically has the highest sales: over 45% of the global turnover of the Kobold division of the Vorwerk Group comes from the Italian market. And this launch is a recognition of the great work of its 4,000 Kobold agents, and represents a way to be ever closer to Italian consumers who will be the first to benefit from the exceptional performance of the new Kobold VK7 S cleaning system.

Thanks to the combination of technology, quality and design, Vorwerk products have always represented the values ​​of the German multinational based in Wuppertal, a family company with 120 years of history. The company develops and manufactures in Germany by applying strict standards that translate into durability, efficiency and effectiveness applied to every Kobold system that is presented every day in the homes of Italians by the Kobold sales force.

Folletto is a unique reality in the Italian panorama, able to renew itself to keep up with the times without ever losing its identity ”declares Branko Petrovic, Sales Director of Kobold, Vorwerk Italy. ”And Vorwerk is a company with an important history that has always had direct sales in its DNA and which, thanks to the professionalism and preparation of our agents, as well as for the quality of our products, is recognized globally.

New Kobold VK7 S: everything you need to know

New Kobold VK7 S cleaning system

The new Kobold VK7 S is the ideal solution both for those looking for the best performing system for cleaning and hygiene in their home, and for those who have a versatile, practical and effective product in mind, because they may have little time to dedicate. at home.

In Vorwerk we talk about ‘intelligent power’: Kobold VK7 S presents the most powerful suction system among the cordless products and a battery with the fastest charging times of its kind and with a duration of up to 1800 cycles, depending on the type of use. And it also has smart functions: thanks to an intelligent cleaning system like never before, Kobold VK7 S independently selects the correct suction mode for each type of surface. Or, using the Kobold App, the speed 2 of the EB7 S solution can be customized even more precisely according to the types of carpet “, commented Michela Caristia, Head of Marketing Kobold. “And then the design of our products always has a functional matrix. It is the expression of their well-known and appreciated durability.

A language that consumers have learned to understand and appreciate and which leads them to choose and re-choose Kobold products as a guarantee of reliability and maximum efficiency for a long time.

Finally, the demonstration of our Kobold Agents, true home hygiene consultants, offers the real guarantee of buying a tailor-made product, able to meet your needs and moreover to be able to test it at home before buying concludes Michela Caristia.

The launch of the new Kobold VK7 S cleaning system

And it was the Kobold sales force who first discovered the new Kobold VK7 S cleaning system in a great emotional event at the Rome Fair for a privileged audience of 4,000 Kobold agents, the real engine of success on April 14 in Rome. of the product of the German multinational.

The centrality of the sales force for Vorwerk was reconfirmed on this occasion, making it a spectator and a protagonist at the same time. A whole day dedicated to discovering, getting to know and testing the new Kobold VK7 S, the cleaning system that all agents and customers were waiting for.

We remind you that the Kobold VK7 S cleaning system is distributed exclusively through home sales. To receive a home visit or a video call from a Kobold Agent, you need to book a demonstration:

New Kobold VK7 S: everything you need to know

System features

Vorwerk presents Kobold VK7 S, a real milestone in the development of a complete system for cleaning, modular and customizable, which guarantees a thorough hygiene of the rooms of the house and is able to perfectly blend style, modularity, customization and manageability.

The big news of the Kobold VK7 S cleaning system is the new cordless technology that offers the highest performance in its class. Kobold VK7 S is not only a powerful system, it is also extremely quiet and smart – thanks also to the Kobold App that communicates with the system – and has a practical and ergonomic design.

Every detail, both aesthetic and functional, is scrupulously designed to meet the expectations and needs of Vorwerk customers who have established a true relationship of trust and continuity with the Kobold brand.

New Kobold VK7 S: excellent performance for every occasion of use

The new Kobold VK7 system has been designed around two key concepts: practicality and high performance.

Lightweight, easy to handle and cordless, the new Kobold VK7 S cleaning system truly reaches everywhere, in breaks it can be parked and stood alone, and thanks to the Start & Stop function it switches off automatically.

The rotating handle makes it particularly easy to clean the most difficult points and in corners or under sofas and furniture. High performance is guaranteed by the ultra efficient brush technology, optimized suction channels and its four power levels.

Kobold VK7 S is equipped with an intelligent cleaning system which automatically selects the correct suction mode based on the type of surface.

In addition to the four levels, Kobold VK7 S is able, when needed, to vacuum even the coarsest dirt thanks to the new Power Boost function. By activating this function, the front flap of the Kobold EB7 S multifunctional electric brush rises to suck up dirt up to 1 cm with maximum power. And the Power Boost function can also be used with other system components.

New Kobold VK7 S: everything you need to know

In short, all the advantages of the Kobold VK7 S cleaning system

  • Maximum power: certainty of allergen-proof thorough hygiene
  • Easy to use: light, handy, compact
  • Silence: can be used anywhere and at any time
  • Modularity: a complete, versatile and customizable cleaning system
  • Sustainability: durable product, made with 100% recyclable materials and with components derived from recycled raw materials
  • Duration of the charge: a battery that guarantees maximum power up to the last second of charge, very low recharge times, the longest battery life cycle
  • Intelligence: the APP allows you to set usage preferences and VK7 always keeps you updated. Furthermore, VK7 S is always connected with its user.
  • Design Functional: a distinctive element resulting from the Vorwerk design
  • Tradition and Innovation: without ever betraying its nature, Kobold has been able to evolve to respond promptly and effectively to the needs of the consumer

The Kobold VK7 S cleaning system has a complete set of accessories to work on all surfaces, whether they are floors of different finishes, textile surfaces such as carpets, sofas or mattresses. The Kobold EB7 S multifunctional electric brush cleans different surfaces, from carpets to hard floors, based on an automatic ultrasonic recognition system. The motorized brush is able to recognize the type of flooring and consequently adapt the rotation speed of the brushes and the suction power.

Equally essential is the Pulilava SP7 S: a component that allows, in a single step, to vacuum and wash all types of floors.

In this way, compared to traditional cleaning methods, it is possible not only to save time but also water and detergent (60 m2 with only 300 ml. Of water and 3 ml. Of detergent) – Finally, the electric brush for upholstery PB7 S removes in a safe and hygienic way dirt and animal hair from padding and delicate fibers, quickly and respecting the fabrics.

With the vibrations of its rotating brushes, it frees the fibers from allergenic particles and mites, guaranteeing a deep cleaning. And with the mattress cleaning set it is also ideal for deep cleaning of the sleeping environment.

In short, it seems that Vorwerk has really thought of everything. This is what we saw during the presentation event but the news does not end here! Remember to stay tuned to the pages so as not to miss all the most interesting news from the world of technology and beyond.

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