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A new feature for voice messages on WhatsApp: they are deleted after listening to them. What it is and how it works

For greater privacy protection, WhatsApp has decided to launch a new voice message feature called “View only once.” It consists in the fact that i voice messages, that is, those messages that can be played via audio and are not transcribed, cannot be saved, forwarded and exported.

WhatsApp launches “Only view once”

“Only show once” is WhatsApp’s new voice message mode, aimed at protect privacy. This way, the voice message in question cannot be forwarded, saved or exported. This feature is available for some beta testers on both Android and iOS.

How to recognize “Only show once” mode

What does this new mode look like? A new icon will appear in the chat bar while recording the voice note. When you press this icon, the voice message will be sent but it cannot be exported, forwarded or saved. In this way the audio will not have the opportunity to be distributed in any way, because it may contain sensitive and confidential information.


When will the “View only once” mode be available? The feature is available for some beta testers who install the latest versions of WhatsApp beta for Android from the Google Play Store and WhatsApp beta for iOS from the TestFlight app.

whatsappWhatsApp mobile icon app on screen smartphone iPhone macro. WhatsApp is a popular free instant text messaging system for mobile and other platforms. Moscow, Russia – June 15, 2021

WhatsApp changes design in the new beta

Meta’s messaging application remains the undisputed leader globally: no other app has as many users as WhatsApp. But in recent times the spread of valid alternatives has convinced the app to introduce several important innovations. Including one new version of the Android application, with a different design (although it will lack the dynamic Material You theme that many other Android apps have).

WhatsApp’s user interface is in fact undergoing a significant overhaul to adopt a more contemporary look, as WABetaInfo reports (via Android Police). There The app’s top bar appears mostly colorless, which extends across both the home screen and conversations. This change should improve the experience especially for those who often use Dark Mode. In Dark Mode, the menu on the main page is a slightly lighter grey, improving readability.

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