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Tesla launches the Cyberquad for children also in Italy: how much it costs

Il Tesla Cyberquad arrives on the market just in time for Christmas with a product that could already become the desire of children. But only for those with wealthy parents or grandparents.

Tesla Cyberquad.  Source: tesla.com

The Tesla Cyberquad for children returns to the market

Il Cyberquad at Tesla it had already been presented in 2022, but shortly afterwards it was withdrawn from the market as it did not meet safety standards. And since it is a product intended for childrenbuyers and the market didn’t like this.

The Colossus of Elon Musk However, he didn’t give up and so, a year later, the Tesla Cyberquad comes back available, just in time to add to the Christmas expenses for children and grandchildren.

Il quad it is only meant for children between 8 and 12 years old, so adults who think of buying it for the little ones in the family and then taking it for a spin should think again. Also preventing this is the weight limit specified for the Cyberquadwhich is 68 kg.

What are the features of the Tesla Cyberquad and, above all, what is the prezzo? Let’s find out.

Tesla Cyberquad: features and autonomy

Il Cyberquad is inspired by Cybertruck Of Teslathe automaker’s iconic pick-up, in the lines It is in the design. It is to all intents and purposes a mini electric quadperfect for entertaining children.

To ensure standard safety, the Cyberquad It features a full steel frame, a padded seat, disc brake rear suspension and bars, and indicator lights and LEDs. The mini quad mount one lithium ion battery da 24 V e 188 Wh.

The power supply guaranteesautonomy up to 19.3 km: il quad it can reach a maximum speed of 13 km/h thanks to the 350 W electric motor with two speed settings and is also equipped with reverse gear. It is also possible to limit the maximum speed to 6 km/h.

This one data sheet presented on the official website of Tesla:

  • Recommended age: 8-12 years
  • Maximum weight: 68 kg
  • Speed ​​Limit: Setting 1-6kmh; Setting 2 – 13kmh; Reverse – 6 km/h
  • Battery: 24V 188Wh lithium ion
  • Charger: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz input; output 25.2V DC, 3.0A
  • Motor: 350W
  • Packaging dimensions: 116 x 64 x 70 cm
  • Product net weight: 48.5kg
  • Total product weight: 55kg

All the features and functionality offered by the mini quad are reflected on the prezzonot exactly within everyone’s reach.

Tesla Cyberquad for kids.  Source: tesla.com

How much does the Tesla Cyberquad cost?

For those who are already thinking of finding the Tesla Cyberquad under the Christmas tree for their own children or grandchildrenmust prepare to shell out a considerable sum for a mini quad.

Tesla has already opened orders on the official shop, which provides shipping within 2-4 weeks. The price of Tesla Cyberquad is indicated on the portal a 1.990 euro.

For many, a cost adequate to everything that the Cyberquad offers and promises; for others, a prezzo definitely exaggerated for a product intended for children. All that remains is to see who will be right with the purchases in the coming months.

Cyberquad for adults and Cybertruck: when will they arrive?

Il Tesla Cyberquad it is the first model of quad produced by the American car manufacturer and is intended solely for children. However, during the presentation of the Cybertruck, Tesla had shown the project of a quad by adults to be combined with the vehicle and be transported in the back of the electric pickup.

However, it is an ambitious project that has not yet seen the light: Tesla did not hide the difficulties in creating a quad by adults safe and functional as a quads for childrenso much so that it is likely that such a product will never make it to the market.

Meanwhile, the launch of the Tesla Cybertruck: the first models of the pick-up they should be distributed by the end of the year.

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