A new State of Play is coming: Sony will present 10 games from Japanese studios

In arrivo un nuovo State of Play: Sony presenterà 10 giochi di studi giapponesi thumbnail

Get ready for a busy evening, friends, because tonight it will be State of Play in September. We already know that there will be a new one this afternoon Nintendo Direct but we didn’t think Sony could announce, out of the blue, a new State of Play. The Sony event, lasting about 20 minuteswill offer us new information about it 10 games from various Japanese studios. Let’s find out all the details together.

The State of Play in September: 20 minutes of video games

Here’s what Sony has written about tonight’s event, which will be held at midnight (Italian time).

“With the Tokyo Game Show just around the corner, it’s almost time to celebrate the amazing creative contributions of the Japanese game development community. And it’s also the perfect time to kick off another State of Play. For tomorrow’s show, we will have some great updates from our fantastic Japanese partners, as well as a few more surprises from developers around the world. Expect around 20 minutes of revelations, new updates and new gameplay footage for 10 games coming to PS5, PS4 and PS VR2. See you tomorrow!”.

As for the news that could be shown during the State of Play, it is likely that Sony will show us some news regarding the Square Enix RPGs exclusive to PlayStation, like The prophesied e Final Fantasy XVI. Furthermore, Capcom could also show something of the new Resident Evil 4 and Exoprimal. According to some rumors, various revivals of Konami.

But these are just rumors; so we just have to wait for the State of Play tonight and see what the company will announce. The event will be broadcast on Twitch and also on the canal Sony YouTube.

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