A patent anticipates an iPhone with a motorized periscope camera

Un brevetto anticipa un iPhone con fotocamera periscopica motorizzata thumbnail

Apple he intends to continue to innovate, improving from year to year ihe photographic sector of his iPhones as confirmed by a recent one patent. According to what emerged from this patent, the Cupertino house could be working on a motorized periscope lens for the iPhone camera of the future. This is a project that will not arrive this year, with the new iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, but which could show itself next year.

A patent anticipates the novelties of the iPhones of the future for the photographic sector

The patent made by Apple provides for the creation of a motorized periscope lens. This goal is able to move guaranteeing the optical stabilization and an improvement of performance dell’autofocus. The system developed by Apple includes up to three Voice Coil Motor actuators capable of controlling the various functions. Apple also foresees a series of variants of a system that, as confirmed by the patent, could represent the future of the photographic sector of iPhones over the next few years.

An anticipation of the future?

Apple, like many other companies engaged in the same industry, files numerous patents throughout the year. Only a small fraction of these patents are actually used. For some time, however, there has been talk of one periscope camera for future iPhones (especially for Pros). The patent released in these days could represent an important signal regarding the realization of the project. More details will certainly come in the near future.

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