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A Samsung smartphone with a rollable display is coming

In the last few hours, the patent of a Samsung smartphone with rollable display, or sliding, e support for S Pen appeared on the WIPO website. This means that the company is still focusing on foldable smartphones, a category that has enjoyed considerable success in recent times. And now, it seems, it is ready to release another incredible novelty on the market. Let’s see in detail what it is.

Samsung: smartphone with rollable display patented by the company

Apparently, WIPO has granted Samsung the patent for a smartphone with several housings. Two, specifically. The left edge will house the motor that will allow the rollable display to slide in and out effortlessly, and the rear panel will accommodate much of the sliding display. Finally, the new Samsung smartphone will also present the slot for the S Pen. And above this, the rear cameras could even find space. These are the details leaked from the images published on the WIPO website, which anticipate that the right side of the phone will act as a small display on which notifications will be reported. Or through which you can quickly access the Apps.

smartphone Samsung

These are all the information leaked on the new Samsung smartphone complete with a rollable display. A novelty that would really be able to revolutionize the mobile phone market. Indeed, considering that some interesting news on the screens were presented by the company at CES 2022, we could even imagine that the new phone will be released later this year. This is a risky indiscretion, of course. But it is not certain that Samsung does not decide to give a booster to production to be able to conquer an even larger slice of the market than it owns. In short, we just have to wait.

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