Elden Ring: terrifying miniboss in the new gameplay video of the game

Game Informer editorial team just shared a new gameplay video from Elden Ring, which shows us in action one of the many minibosses that can be found while exploring the game world. In this case the protagonist of the clip is a giant bear, which gave a hard time to the tester who was trying this trial version of the game, given its brutal attacks and its sudden speed.

Elden Ring: here is the new miniboss

The video shared by Game Informer begins in the same area that we had the opportunity to appreciate in the previous coverage of the newspaper earlier this week, but after a brief introduction we see the protagonist of the clip at taken with a giant bear that is scary to say the least, perfectly able to give the player a hard time even on horseback.

The reporter from Game Informer he explained that it is a very difficult opponent to defeat, which is why most of the players who meet him will try to escape, rather than face him openly. In fact, right next to the miniboss there is a small temple with an elevator which, as explained in the video, should lead to a surprise for users.

In fact, the descent seemed quite long, as is also rightly pointed out by the journalist, and we must admit that the curiosity to see what is hidden in the depth of the earth certainly not lacking. Surely though, exploring this hidden area is definitely a better prospect than facing the ferocious bear guarding the temple.

We take this opportunity to remind you that Elden Ring should arrive next February 25 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC via Steam.