Tesla charging stations the network is also expanding in Italy

Tesla amplia la rete di ricarica SuperChrger con nuove colonnine anche in Italia thumbnail

With the initiative still in the experimental phase to expand the possibility of using its SuperCharger charging stations to other brands, Tesla has announced that it intends to expand its network globally.

To date, the columns available to Tesla owners worldwide are 3,476 stations and 31,498 Supercharger. These data show an increase of 35% compared to 202, when there were 2,564 charging stations and 23,277 charging stations worldwide.

And this new batch of charging stations also includes the Italy that Tesla has in mind to supply by taking them to many new cities where they were not present until today.

14 new Italian cities will have Tesla charging stations

From the map that can be found on the Tesla website, the company plans to install 14 new stations in as many cities of the boot. The list includes North Rome, Naples, Palermo, Perugia, Bologna, Ancona, Alessandria, Parma, Turin, Bergamo, San Salvo Marina, Bardonecchia, Valli di Carnia and Mestre.

In the intentions of Elon Musk’s company, these will all be active by the end of 2022, provided that there are no bureaucratic hitches that could postpone the installation in the various locations. The only scheduled charging station but which does not yet have an expected time for its completion is that of North Rome. The others are all expected by the second half of the year at the latest, i.e. by the end of June 2022.

The hope now that Tesla’s top management will also authorize Italian motorists who have bought electric cars from other brands to use the SuperCharger columns, given that at the moment the French cousins ​​can already do it as well as the Dutch users. They are pilot projects, but they could (hopefully) become the norm in all the countries where Tesla is present with its fast charging stations.